How to check the generator shot?

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How to check the generator shot?

The generator is one of the most important elements of the car, it is responsible for the correct operation of all nodes that need electricity. Of course, if a car has problems with power supply, the first “culprit” is a generator. That is why it is important to be able to check it yourself. Let's see how to check the operation of the generator using a tester (multimeter).

Check of elements of the generator

The generator has 4 main components, the performance of which gives a complete picture of the functioning of the generator. If one of the elements is faulty, then the generator will not work correctly. Thus, to check the generator, you need to check each of the elements.


  1. Turn on the multimeter in the DC voltage measurement mode.
  2. Start the car.
  3. We measure the voltage at the battery terminals - the value should fluctuate in the range of 14 - 14.2 V (otherwise, the relay is faulty).
  4. We press on the accelerator, we monitor the voltage - it should increase by 0, 5 V (otherwise - the relay is faulty).

Diode bridge

  1. Turn on the multimeter sound mode.
  2. We call each diode (there are 6 of them in bridge) in both directions.
  3. If all the diodes "ring" in one direction only, they are intact, otherwise they are not.

Generator stator

  1. Disconnect the diode bridge from the stator.
  2. Inspect the winding - no soot and damage should not be.
  3. We switch the multimeter to the resistance measurement mode.
  4. Measure the resistance value between the stator housing and the winding.
  5. If the value is much greater than 50 kΩ, the stator is normal, if the value is close to 50 kΩ, it will soon fail, less than 50 kΩ, it is defective.

Generator rotor

  1. We take out the rotor and inspect for visible damage.
  2. Check the integrity of the winding.
  3. We measure the resistance between the contact rings.
  4. If the resistance value is several Om, - the rotor is corrected, if the device shows zero or infinity, - no.

That's all the checks that need to be done with the generator. If all the checks have shown that the generator is in good condition, then you need to look for the problem further.