How to choose and than decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year?

The New Year is the most magical time, when you can make a cherished wish, taste delicious dishes and feel yourself in a festive and cozy family circle. This New Year, even with all the above attributes, it is difficult to imagine without the most important symbol - a beautiful and elegant Christmas tree!

The main New Year's forest beauty creates an indescribable atmosphere in the house, decorates it and is a source of surprises for adults and children, because it is under the Christmas tree after midnight that Santa Claus secretly brings his presents. The next festival is just around the corner, so it's time to think about where to get a good Christmas tree, with what and how to decorate it.

Artificial Christmas tree - the original and useful decoration for the New Year

Many are accustomed to living trees, but artificial ones also have many advantages:

  • Artificial Christmas tree will last for several years. It will not be necessary to buy a new one every year - it is enough to get it removed from last year and re-dress it. Every year this tree will be as fluffy and bright as before.
  • It is more comfortable and safer.No needles will fall out of an artificial Christmas tree, it is lighter than a real tree, does not tolerate insect larvae and does not light up from Bengal lights.
  • Every year a beautiful lively fir tree is more and more difficult to find on sale. Artificial create very beautiful, fluffy, in different sizes and with different designs. You can purchase a classic, model, decorated with artificial frost or colored elements.
  • It does not need to throw. Artificial spruce, you just need to pack and remove before the next New Year's holiday.
  • You help ecology. New trees grow very slowly, and cutting down fir trees for several holidays is a very unreasonable event that causes great damage to nature. Buying artificial spruce for many years instead of alive, you help to improve the ecological situation and at the same time do not deny yourself the festive traditions.

The online store "Winter Fairy Tale ELI.RU" offers a choice of high-quality artificial Christmas trees. The store presents products from European manufacturers: the models look natural, and the “molded needles” completely imitate real needles.

Each buyer will be able to choose and purchase an artificial Christmas tree based on his wishes and budget possibilities. Find a suitable artificial tree by individual parameters: the color of needles, height, decor (cones, light bulbs, etc.). Those who appreciate the traditions will be able to find green classic models, and for those who want to try new things, the store offers light blue, white and differently decorated options and non-standard decorations. Using the detailed filter, you literally in a minute determine for yourself the suitable models. You can buy your favorite Christmas tree in three clicks, the online calculator will help in calculating the price of delivery and other services.

How to decorate an artificial fir?

Christmas tree decorations for an artificial Christmas tree can be different: balls, candles, soft toys, sweets, glass, wooden, metal and cardboard figures, flowers, artificial fruits, dolls, cones, various fabric items - there are so many decorations for every taste! You can make them yourself, and you can buy ready-made. In the "Winter Fairy Tale" for you - traditional, exclusive, exquisite jewelry with an interesting design.Here you can find something that is not in the big stores, each toy is a separate work of art.

When decorating a Christmas tree, it is better to observe a uniform style: a harmoniously decorated tree pleases the eye and creates a festive mood.

Examples of ideas:

  • If the use of any style seems boring to you and you like variety, choose several different colored decorations, just not everything, but certain categories (balls, figures, candies) and harmoniously distribute them.
  • Animalistic style. Herringbone came to visit from the forest, where various animals and birds live, therefore the decoration of the tree with the figures of forest inhabitants will be very “to face” the New Year's beauty.
  • Christmas style. Remember the decorations from the Christmas movies: a sock by the fireplace, small figures of snowmen, bright two-color candy canes, solemn bows, figures of angels, classically packed gifts, etc. You can decorate the New Year tree in a traditional Christmas style - Home-cozy.
  • Sophisticated vintage. Decorations for Christmas trees should be exquisite, with beautifully traced lines and details.It can be pendants with antique statues, cute kids, fairytale characters, elegant stars and snowflakes - something that used to be popular as Christmas decorations. Vintage Christmas tree will turn out to be old-fashioned and very stylish!

No matter how you decorate the main symbol of the New Year, remember that the main thing is a festive mood, love and readiness for the New Year's miracle.