How to choose jeans

The first of these was cut jeans. Straight lines, arrows and a wide belt are more suitable for girls with a slender figure, and women with curvaceous shapes will approach softer and more rounded. In real life, you will also have to take into account height, hips and leg length. Flared jeans will not sit well on every girl, as a rule, they emphasize the hips and visually make the legs shorter. If you doubt the choice, then you should buy straight jeans of medium width, with plain lines and other interesting details - they fit almost everyone.
It is also important to choose jeans, and is the selection of fabric. There are a lot of materials from which jeans are made: lightweight jeans, velvet, denim, stretch, corduroy, etc. Selecting fabric, you should pay attention to how it will subsequently stretch and be worn. Velvet, as a rule, will eventually stretch out, but compacted jeans are rarely pulled out.
Light jeans, as a rule, make any woman look fat, so you should not choose them because of style or beauty.Dark blue color is the best option - never goes out of fashion, makes any girl slim, do not get so dirty. Blue jeans are suitable for lovers of the romantic image and classics.
In choosing the size of jeans, two parameters are important: the width (the first digit, denoted by the letter W) and the length (the second digit is L). If you think that length is not important - you can tuck it. This is not recommended! If it turns out that the difference between your current size and the size of new jeans will differ by two units, they will be bad to sit - your knee will drop to the middle of your shin. The width of jeans emphasizes the bends of your body, so it is better to buy, for example, 29 size, than to wear with difficulty 27. It is worthwhile to buy an intermediate size - it will eventually stretch a little and will fit just fine.
If you think that low waist jeans are better than high, you are greatly mistaken. Those whose bottom begins immediately from the waist, you should buy jeans with a high waist and a size larger.