How to choose the perfect wedding cape?

The image of the bride should be perfect, and accessories complete its details. Do not freeze and look stunning will help the cape, but it is very important to choose it correctly. It will be much easier to do this if you figure out some important features.

What are the?

To make it easier to determine, you should first learn the main types of wedding capes:

  • Bolero. It covers only the shoulders and arms, so that for a cold winter just does not fit. Bolero can be worn on a cool summer evening, early autumn or late spring. This cape is not very practical, but incredibly elegant. It will be ideally combined with the wedding dress without the shoulder straps of the “year”, “mermaid” or “fish” style, as it will fully preserve the magnificence and will give a special chic.
  • Tippet or shawl. This style, perhaps, is the simplest, but at the same time universal, as it will be combined with any style of the dress. But the most harmoniously this cape will look with a dress in the so-called ball, classical, romantic style or in the style of Provence.Palatine emphasizes elegance and makes the image clean and restrained. The only drawback is that the bride will have to constantly correct and support him.
  • A jacket is a stricter and laconic version, which the business bride will definitely appreciate. This cape will be perfectly combined with the A-line dress, as well as with a ball or Greek dress. If you chose a jacket, then the top of the wedding dress should be as short as possible, otherwise it will stand out and crumple under the cloak, which will make the image sloppy and careless. By the way, if the accessory is decorated with bright details, it will not look too reserved and strict.
  • If your wedding will take place in the winter season, then by all means pay your attention to the fur coats. And if you consider that there are a great many styles, then you will definitely find something suitable. The choice of style of this accessory will depend on the features of the wedding dress. It can be short and sweet, elegant and fitted, straight and strict or elongated fur coat. This model can have buttons, original hooks or romantic ties. Such a detail as a hood would be useful.By the way, you can buy a practical white fur coat, which you can wear in winter as an everyday element of outerwear.
  • Cape-coat This accessory will be best combined with a straight or slightly flared bottom-length dress or knee-length. The coat will make the image feminine and elegant and warm in almost any weather, even in winter.
  • The cape-raincoat has appeared quite recently, but has already managed to become popular among stylish brides. It is a long raincoat, sewn from a rectangular cut of fabric, with ties at the neck. Such an accessory will be harmoniously combined with long dresses and will make the image bright, original and romantic.
  • Neckpiece. Most often boas are made of fur. This cape covers the shoulders or neck, and its ends are connected to the chest with buttons, braid or, for example, a beautiful brooch. It looks royally gorgeous, but this accessory cannot be called practical and convenient, as it will not protect against wind and cold, and it’s not very comfortable to dance and actively move in it. Best of all the boa is combined with elegant fitted and long or luxuriant dresses.
  • Boa is a peculiar volumetric scarf of medium length, made of fur, down or feathers. Boa perfectly with wedding dresses in retro-style, presented in the photo of fashion magazines. If you create such an unusual glossy image, then you will certainly be a bright and self-sufficient bride.
  • Classic - is an accessory that covers the shoulders and almost the entire top of the dress. Typically, such a cape is connected in the upper part with a button, braid, hook or brooch.
  • The cape-sweater or cardigan will perfectly match with wedding dress in country style, rustic, "shebbie chic" or, for example, in the style of the sea.


How to choose a wedding dress for a bride? The style will depend on the model of the dress.

Variants of combinations:

  • If you choose a fitting short or medium length dress, then pick a straight short cloak.
  • If your dress is long, slim and not breathable, then you can choose a close-fitting cape to the hips.
  • If the dress is slightly flared or absolutely straight, then almost any cape will do.
  • A long fitted cape can be worn over a tight-fitting dress of almost any length.
  • If the dress is magnificent, then only short capes will fit, preferably up to the waist.


The color should be in harmony with the color of the dress, otherwise the image will be ridiculous.

A few ideas:

  • You can choose a cape that will completely match the dress in color. Such an accessory will not stand out, but it will complement and complete the image.
  • A cape of a contrasting color will help create a bright and unusual tandem. So, if you chose a boiled white dress, then you can wear, for example, a red or blue cape over it. A purple or burgundy cape will be in harmony with the beige dress. But such courageous combinations can afford only a confident bride who is not afraid of experiments and prefers fresh ideas.
  • It can frame and shade the outfit. To make it a kind of cut for a diamond, that is for a dress, give preference to tones that harmonize with the main one. So, white outfit will be interesting to look with a blue, pink or lilac cape. Beige outfit will match accessories of brown, coffee and sand shades.

Determine the material

What material can a cape be made of?


  • By choosing a fur cape, you will provide yourself with warmth and make your wedding look chic, elegant and expensive.
  • The lace cape is the epitome of romanticism and femininity. It will be combined with a dress of simple material, complementing it.
  • The cape of guipure will make the image a little sexy and at the same time tender. But guipure, like lace, will be in harmony with simple and opaque fabrics.
  • If you choose a lace or guipure dress, then pay attention to capes made of thick materials such as brocade.
  • If you prefer a dress of light flowing non-textured material, it will complement its romantic silk cape.

Few rules


  1. If the dress is bright, then the cape should be concise. If the dress is simple, then the accessory can be an additional accent of the image.
  2. A cape should not be too catchy and bright, because the main part of the set is still a dress.
  3. Remember about comfort!
  4. If you do not want to buy such an accessory, rent it.

Let your wedding image be perfect!


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