How to conduct water?

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How to conduct water?

Many holiday homes or houses in the village need to install plumbing. Of course, it is not so easy to independently conduct the water supply, but it is quite realistic. Even if the house was built for a long time, the possibility of installation is still there. And if the house is only at the planning stage or in an unfinished state, then it is quite simple to hold the water supply by yourself.

There are several ways to conduct water in the house. So, you can connect to the central water supply, if there is no such option, then you can drill an artesian well or draw water from a well.

To conduct water in the house, you will need:

  1. application to water utility;
  2. project;
  3. pipes;
  4. pumping station or well pump;
  5. thermal insulation materials and installation tools;

Types of pipes

To conduct a water supply system, first you need to decide which pipes you will use. In today's market there is a large selection:

  • Copper pipes - the best, but expensive option.They do not corrode, they perfectly withstand temperature changes. Possess high heat emission.
  • Pipes from metal-plastic - are aluminum pipes, covered inside and outside with polyethylene. The advantage is that a smooth surface does not form rust on the surface. Minus - are deformed at t 95 degrees. Tools that you need: wrenches, pipe wrench and gas wrench, fittings, FUM tape.
  • Iron pipes. The most durable, but now they are used less and less, as they quickly rust. Installation of such pipes is not the easiest. Tools that will be needed: wrenches, adjustable and gas wrenches, couplings, linen winding, adapters, plugs of the required diameter.
  • Polypropylene pipes are the most popular type of pipes. They are reliable, durable, easy to install and do not oxidize. Tools that you need: a soldering iron with a variety of nozzles.

Plumbing from the well

Before you start to conduct water supply from the well, it is necessary to do a water analysis. If it meets the standards, then you can start work.
In order to conduct water supply from a well, you do not need to take special permission from state organizations, which noticeably facilitates and speeds up the process.

First you need to develop a diagram of how the pipes will be located on the site and in the house itself. To be comfortable using the plumbing, you need to take care ofWellgood pump. The best are automatic pumps. But it is worth noting that they can not regulate pressure and pressure. That is, the pump will always work with the same power regardless of how many taps in the house are turned on.

  1. So, first you need to dig a trench deep below the soil freezing (at least 0.5 meters; 2.5-3 meters for the northern regions), to the bottom of which the pipe is laid.
  2. The end of the pipe is placed in a previously prepared hole in the well and lowered into the water to a depth of 0.5 m from the bottom. At the end of the pipe you must install a filter.
  3. Inside the house is installed a pump that will supply water to the water supply.

Well water supply

To properly conduct water from a well in your area, you need to use the tips below.

First you need to get permission to drill a well in the area. This is not difficult, but sometimes the process of obtaining permission may be delayed.

  1. So, permission is received, it now remains to call the brigade, whichwill drill a well.In advance, you need to choose a place, design in accordance with the regulations and prepare the necessary tools.
  2. It is also necessary to choose a pump that will supply water. The best option is a submersible pump, it copes with the water supply even from a well that is deeper than 7 meters.
  3. When the well is ready, you can begin to lay the pipe from the well to the house. To prevent the pipes from freezing, they must be insulated with a covering material for pipes.

Pay attention to the water - it happens that it is not at all as clean and transparent as we would like. If the water from the well does not meet the standards, you should purchase special filters for water purification.

Central water supply

If there is a central water supply, then it is very easy to install a water supply system in your house. To do this, you need to get permission from the organization to which you want to connect. After about 2-3 days, if there are no problems, you should install the water supply system in accordance with the installed scheme.

You coordinate all work with the organization, stipulate conditions and terms. You just have to prepare the pipes and related materials.

When the water supply system in the house is completed, you just have to install meters and conclude an agreement with the water supply in order to receive water in the future and make payment for it according to the established tariff.