How to set up Skype (Skype) on the computer?

Skype is a wonderful program that allows Internet users to communicate with each other for free, of course, provided that the program is installed on their computer. How to set up Skype on a computer to make communication as comfortable as possible? We will assume that the program is already installed on the computer, the user has a login and password to log in, you only need to improve the settings.

General settings

So, Skype is running and you are logged in with your data. Go to the menu "tools", go to the "settings", then in the "general settings". Here you can leave everything as it is or you can tick the checkboxes on your own.

Sound setting

The next tab, more interesting, is “sound tuning”. Choose your microphone input as a microphone. If you have a webcam with a built-in microphone, it is desirable to choose it as a microphone. In the list of "speakers", which falls when you click on the black triangle on the right, select the audio output device to which the headphones or speakers are connected.

If the device has a microphone with increased sensitivity, then in order that the sound is not distorted at maximum volume, you need to leave a tick and enable automatic microphone setting. In this case, the program will automatically adjust the microphone volume.

You can manually change the order of using devices in the advanced sound settings window. In this case, if the webcam is turned off and its microphone is unavailable, the next recording device in the list will be selected.

Video setup

Next, figuring out how to configure Skype on your computer, you need to go to the "video settings" tab. If you are not satisfied with the video from the webcam or it is not displayed, then you should open the submenu “webcam settings” and change the settings there. Each camera has its own settings, but, for example, the contrast and brightness will be common to all. Here, in the video settings, you can choose who can see the image from your camera. It is better to select the item “to no one”, and to include a picture with one click from the conversation window.

Skype Wi-Fi and security

The Skype Wi-Fi function will be useful for those people who spend a lot of time traveling.By activating this feature in the program settings, you can pay for services directly from your personal Skype account in closed Wi-Fi networks that have per-minute billing.

Having opened the “security settings” item, go to the additional parameters and see what is available there. We note here all the points that seem relevant to you. Network status on the Internet is of interest, as a rule, for site owners. Managing cookies does not really matter for Skype settings, so you can disable them or leave everything as it is.

Target advertising also does not have a special impact on the program settings. But the “Blocked users” tab is a very convenient function, especially if someone is annoying you. Add the user to the blacklist and he does not bother you anymore. I think that in this article we have easily and clearly answered the question regarding how to set up Skype on a computer.