How to congratulate dad?

Every loving son or daughter ponders in advance how to congratulate dad on this or that holiday. In order to do this, there are a lot of different ideas. You will only have to choose the one you like and implement it.

How to originally congratulate dad on February 23

First of all, pay special attention to the gift for dad. On such a day, it is worthwhile not only to present the thing he needs, but at the same time a symbol of the holiday. The gift should be intended for the real man - the defender of the fatherland. So, if your dad is keen on hunting, then you can give him a gun or just useful stuff when you go hunting. So, as a gift can be a knife, a flask of name or binoculars.

If you have the opportunity, you should invite your dad's army friend to this holiday. It often happens that long-time friends cannot meet for years, for example, due to lack of time. February 23 is a great day to fix this situation.

If the father congratulates the son, then you should give a purely male gift.In this case, a very original, unusual and personal gift will be a collage made with your own hands, decorated with pictures on military subjects and photos of your dad.

It will be good if you give your father time and ask him to tell you about interesting cases from his military service.

If the daughter congratulates the father, then the ideal gift will be tickets to the concert of his favorite group or to the theater, where you can go with the whole family. Such a jointly spent time will benefit all members of the family and give dad a lot of positive emotions.

How to congratulate dad on his anniversary

The birthday of a loved one is always an event, especially if it is the birthday of a dear dad. Therefore, you should prepare for it in advance and thoroughly.

A gift to a father must be chosen on the basis of his tastes, hobbies and preferences. It is not necessary to give a ready postcard with words that are ready in a poetic form or a thing that is unnecessary to him. It should be given to finding a gift a sufficient amount of time and effort, since it is thoroughly thinking through the little things that will bring your dad a lot of positive emotions.

Start a holiday with congratulations. However, do not send it by SMS. It is best to prepare a speech in advance and call your dad from the very morning before he goes to work. A good option would be to send dad a musical greeting on the phone. For the birthday it will be very unexpected, original and will bring a lot of positive.

Prepare a bouquet of flowers especially for dad. Children can present a bouquet of those flowers that will �talk� about certain specific moments in life. Perhaps it was these flowers that you remembered from childhood: you often walked with your dad in a field covered with daisies or meadow flowers.

It will be very original to give dad a birthday cake made to order as a gift. With the help of this cake you can easily emphasize the individuality of the birthday. To perform such a sweet gift can be in a certain category, depending on the hobbies of your parent.

If sons or daughters congratulate dad together, then a great idea would be to organize a party in nature. You can go to the forest or to the lake, gather all the relatives and close friends of your father, cook shashlyk, barbecue and even spend the night in tents.Dad will appreciate this gift, get a lot of emotions from a pleasantly-spent time and be able to relax well from everyday life.

How to congratulate dad on the birth of his daughter or son

Undoubtedly, the birth of a child is a serious event that changes life once and for all. Therefore, the news of replenishment in the family is a reason for congratulations. A young family, as a rule, needs not only moral but also material support. Therefore, the congratulation of the newly-made Pope can be not only in words but also in deeds, namely in the form of a useful gift.

And so, how to congratulate dad on the birth of a son or daughter.


In the first period of a baby�s life, the choice of toys should be approached with special attention, since they can be the culprits of various allergic reactions. It is necessary to give preference to rubber or plastic toys. They can be both decorative and useful for the development of the child. Of particular interest in the early stages of life are the various modules for beds.


It is always a great and very necessary gift. The main thing is to coordinate the purchase of a certain type of furniture with dad.It can be a changing table, a chest of drawers for baby clothes or a cot. Having discussed a specific model, brand and various technical specifications, you can safely make a purchase.

Accessories for a daughter or son

To congratulate dad on the birth of her daughter, you can present him with an original children's headband on his head, which will help the girl to instill a love of beauty from an early age. An excellent solution would be to give a baby a gold ring or a chain. For the boy, you can buy all kinds of sliders, vests, caps with a football theme, which does not cease to be relevant from year to year.


This gift offers a real flight for fantasy. You can purchase as a baby kit in a pram or in a cot, summer or winter. It should be noted that for a girl you need to buy a set of pastel linen of pink color, and for a boy - blue.

Interesting stuff

Despite the cares that have appeared with the birth of the baby, any "newly made" father will be glad to have an original gift. For example, a souvenir "Passport best father" or a T-shirt with the original inscription would be very appropriate.