How to connect a laptop to the TV via hdmi?

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How to connect a laptop to the TV via hdmi?

Currently, almost all TVs have a port. All this allows you to easily connect computers and laptops to them in order to transfer images via HDMI. In the article How to connect a laptop to a TV you can read about all possible ways of such a connection.

In order to connect the laptop to the TV via hdmi, a special cable is required, which can be purchased at any specialized electronics store.

An HDMI cable is a black thick wire that has the same inputs on both sides. Often it comes complete with a TV or laptop.

Connection process

  1. To connect a laptop to a TV, you need to insert a cable into special HDMI connectors, which can be done both when turned off and when the equipment is working. Cable connectors have the same on both sides, so at this stage of connection difficulties should not arise.
  2. After connecting the cable, you must configure the TV to display the signal from the laptop. This can be done by going to the menu and selecting HDMI from the list of sources. Another way is to switch channels in reverse order until the desired one appears.
  3. After all these actions, a picture from a laptop will appear on the TV screen. If the image resolution does not suit you, you can change it by selecting the “Resolution” item on the desktop of the laptop.

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As a result of connecting the laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable, all actions performed on the laptop will be displayed on the TV screen. Therefore, you can watch any photos and videos stored on your laptop. You can also view various presentations, arrange slide shows, etc. The options for using a laptop in this way are a huge amount.