How to connect AUX?

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How to connect AUX?

Today on the market of the radio tape recorder almost all of them are made with a built-in line input - AUX. But there are still manufacturers who set this option only as an additional option.

Line AUX-in may be necessary when you need to connect a variety of external devices - a smartphone, player, TV, microphone, etc. In other words, this is an input that allows you to play audio and video using portable devices through the car's audio system.

Any tape recorder is equipped with such a function, but only the absence of input prevents it. However, this is a solvable problem, since it is possible to make and understand how to connect the AUX-in input to the radio tape recorder, without the help of technical service specialists.

How to make AUX-port

For the manufacture will need such tools:

  • headphones with a standard 3.5 mm jack;
  • soldering iron and solder;
  • necessary connectors;
  • the wires.

If a radio is installed in your car, which is included in the standard package, then, most likely, it already has a line input. Therefore:

  1. We find the connection wiring. There we see three contacts for connecting the left and right channels.
  2. Manually verify that only the necessary wires are disconnected. For your safety, you can not be afraid: the voltage is very low, so there will be no electric shock. Each of the wires is checked with a finger. To do this, we make the volume of the car radio more, and, touching the wire, we hear a buzz from the speakers.
  3. Now you need to solder the headphone jack. You can do this directly, or you can solder the tulip-type connectors (which will make it possible to connect different devices through adapters).
  4. It will be standard to connect devices to the car stereo using a cable with AUX-ports on both sides.

This cable does not have to buy. If you have non-working headphones at home (which is quite a common situation, since headphones tend to break frequently), don't regret, cut the cable. We will connect them, so consider the length that you need. So:

  • We cut the headphones so that there are wires from one end and 3.5 mm jack connectors from the other. We get two identical cables.
  • we clean the wires from the side where there are no jack connectors.
  • By stripping the wires, we see that there are three wires of different colors (in both cases, these are standard colors) —white, blue, and green.
  • we twist the single-color wires of the two cables to form a two-way cable.
  • take a soldering iron and solder, fix the contacts.
  • then isolate the contact with electrical tape
  • We connect one end of the cord to the car stereo jack and the other to the socket of our device.

Today, most devices are made with a standard headphone jack - laptops, tablets, smartphones, portable televisions and more. Therefore, using your cable, you can easily make a connection.

To listen to music on the car, you will need to select the AUX mode. Next, open the audio player in your phone or tablet and turn on the desired song. Now the music will not be heard from the speaker of the phone, but will be played by the car’s audio system.