How to connect the radio pioneer?

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How to connect the radio pioneer?

Connecting a Pioneer car radio is the same as connecting other car stereos, so based on the instructions, you can install a car radio and this, and another brand. Let us consider the connection methods.

Ways to connect the radio

The car receiver "Pioneer" can be connected in two standard ways: using the ISO connector or when trimming the standard connectors. Immediately I would like to make a reservation that any manufacturer does not recommend the installation of the car radio with your own hands, if only because in this case you immediately lose the warranty on the purchased goods.

We proceed directly to the installation and connection of the car radio. We will consider the general case of connection - using the ISO connector.

Connection procedure

  1. The yellow wire (usually it is thicker than the others) the car radio must be connected to a 12-volt source, namely to the car battery. Connection must be made using a special fuse.
  2. The red wire must also be connected to the battery, but through the ignition switch.It is on this wire that the current will be passed at the moment of ignition, which will lead to the inclusion of the car radio. It is not recommended to connect the red wire to the battery, as this may cause its rapid discharge.
  3. The black wire can be connected to the negative terminal of the battery or any strong mount on the car engine.
  4. The remaining wires must be connected to the antenna, subwoofer or amplifier and speakers. The front speakers on the right and left are connected, respectively, gray and white wires, and the connection occurs to the positive poles.
  5. Gray and white wires with black stripes are connected to the negative poles of the front speakers. Purple and green wires are connected to the rear speakers, and again these wires are connected to the positive poles. Accordingly, purple and green wires with black stripes are connected to the negative poles of the speakers.

This manual fits most Pioneer car radio models. If you have failed to connect the car radio, for example, due to the absence of a specific connector, it is better to contact the experts.