How to contact to see the statistics of messages?

The social network "VKontakte" has existed since 2006. Many users registered in it a few years ago and during this time they wrote and received a lot of personal messages in contact. Perhaps some do not even remember with whom they could correspond with some time ago. Or maybe someone is no longer on the list of friends, and the messages from them remained among thousands of others. If you have not deleted your private messages, then you have the opportunity to see the statistics of the messages in the contact for the duration of your stay in the social network.

Message Statistics

How to contact to see the statistics of messages? Previously, the procedure for viewing these statistics was easier, but now you can find many disgruntled reviews that the statistics do not work. Someone crashes an error message, someone is searching in Google, but someone cannot understand what to do and how to do it.

Nevertheless, the statistics of messages is still there, and it works! Only new nuances have appeared.We suggest you follow our instructions on how to see in the contact statistics of messages. If you do everything right, you will get it the first time!

  1. Open the Opera browser. Through him absolutely turns out to carry out this procedure. As for other browsers, we can’t give exact information, but many people fail to see statistics through Google Chrome.
  2. Contact the group, find the group “Personal Message Statistics v4.3.1”.
  3. Find “Discussions” in this group and open the discussion “Statistics of Personal Messages | Code". You will see a comment in which script code will be offered in a separate text document. Download this text document to your computer. No need to fear, the document is safe.
  4. Open a text document on your computer, select with the mouse all the script code (it will be in the document only and long, you must select all). After selection, copy the code using the Ctrl + C key combination.
  5. Go back to the Opera browser, open the “My Messages” column in the contact and delete everything from the address bar on this page.
  6. Paste the copied script code into the empty address bar using the key combination Ctrl + V. The code is inserted into the address bar.
  7. Now it is very important not to press Enter, but click in the address bar with the right mouse button and select the “Paste and Move” function.
  8. You will see a small window in front of you. You must run the application and make the appropriate settings in it. It is very easy, no need to look for anything. You just one after another will drop two windows in which you make the appropriate settings.
  9. After the settings, your messages will be processed. Processing time depends on the number of messages. The more messages you have, the longer the processing will go. Please note that only existing messages are processed. Those that have been deleted will not be processed.
  10. When processing is completed, you will get a large table from which you can learn a lot of interesting things. You will know how many messages you have, with whom you communicate more, and with whom - less, when the last message was received from this or that person, etc.

That's it! Now you know how to see in the contact statistics of messages. We tried to explain this procedure to you in detail so that there would be no questions later. At first it may seem difficult, but in fact everything happens quickly. If you follow all the points correctly, fresh statistics will appear in front of you within 3 minutes!