How to cook fluffy burgers?

February 4, 2015
How to cook fluffy burgers?

Cutlets - a dish so everyday that any person who did not cook them, seem simple in execution. However, many housewives avoid pampering home with this dish, because they do not know how to cook lush burgers. As their sad experience shows, just grinding bread, meat and onions is not enough for the dish to bewitch with its taste. Most mistakes are made precisely at the stage of preparation of minced meat. We will analyze them, and with the subtleties of frying meatballs can be found in the article How to fry meatballs.

Stuffed minced meat patties

There are several rules that must be observed.

  1. Meat must be fresh or chilled. If frozen is used, it is necessary to wait for its complete defrosting in a natural way.
  2. It is advisable to take two types of meat - this is how you get more lush meatballs. The most successful is the combination of beef and pork 1: 1.
  3. Half of the onions are passed through the meat grinder along with the meat, the second is finely minced and fried. It will be much juicier!
  4. Bread (or loaf) is only minced, yesterday’s, minced, otherwise the cutlets will be wet and will fall apart. Soak it better in milk.
  5. And most importantly: the stuffing should be "repelled". That is, put them in a bag so that the sprays do not fly, and several times slam the paper bag on all the tables - lush meatballs are guaranteed to you.

Liver patties

The liver itself has a softer structure than the meat, with the result that the minced meat turns out to be watery. In order to get a lush liver burgers, experienced chefs advise to add oatmeal to the ground basis (2 tablespoons per 400 g of liver). Their presence does not negate the presence of bread. When swelling, the flakes absorb excess moisture - and you get luxurious, lush liver patties.