How to create a bot?

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How to create a bot?

Online games of the Moba genre, the ancestor of which was DOTA, are now widely used. Multiplayer mode allows you to play both on the local network and in online mode. But not always possible options for a collective game. In order to enjoy the game yourself, you need to create bots.

Creating a bot in DotA

  1. Enter single or network game mode.
  2. Select a card depending on the version and always with the initials AI (presence of bots) and accept it by clicking the Create button.
  3. In the window that opens, two clans will appear: dark and light. Choose a clan for which the gamer (i.e.) will play, and place the bots in the opposite clan.
  4. The maximum number of bots is five. But there are special cards with a maximum of six.
  5. Click the �Start game� window.
  6. In the first minute of the game enter the appropriate mod (AP, AR, SD, etc.).
  7. Enjoy the game.

Creating a bot in the COP

Bots can be created in other games. A prime example is the online shooter Counter-Strike, popularly known as �Contra�. This FPS (first person shooter) is quite popular around the world.It is the adornment of any cyber sports competition, where teams decide between themselves who is the strongest in this game. But if you are not a cybersportsman, then you can play Counter-Strike alone against bots. How to add bots to the COP.

Option 1

  1. Go to the game and click on the sections Local Game. Select game parameters (card, credits at the beginning of the game, password for the game, etc.).
  2. Press the "play" button and the download of locations will begin.
  3. After the sight has loaded and appears on the screen, you need to press the H key. As a result, a menu will appear on the screen where you can select bots - the Add bot section. The number of bots depends on the number of clicks on the section.

Option 2

  1. After loading and sight on the screen, press the tilde ("" in the upper left corner of the keyboard).
  2. A console menu will appear on the screen.
  3. In this menu, register the bot_add cheat and be sure to add the insert _ct - the appearance of one counter-terrorist bot or _t - the appearance of one terrorist.
  4. The number of bots depends on the number of clicks read in the console.

Bots can not only be added, but also deleted.