How to create a driving school in 2018

Before you start creating a driving school, get a license for the right to engage in educational activities. This is a rather lengthy process, which can drag on for six months. Therefore, you will have enough time to find and equip a room for classes, hire instructors and teachers and get vehicles.
You should know that the creation of a driving school requires not only a room for theoretical studies, but also an open ground for driving practice. If you do not own a suitable territory, you will have to rent it. If it is possible, enter into an agreement with another educational institution or rent a joint site for several driving schools.
The most expensive part of your business is the purchase of vehicles. All cars must be equipped with additional pedals, mirrors and identification marks. At the initial stage, you can hire instructors and teachers with their own cars, and then gradually introduce a school fleet.
If you plan to recruit one group (30 people) every three months, namely, the driving school training lasts so long, you will have to hire one theory teacher and 2-3 instructors in driving practice. If the space of the room allows, then several groups can be trained at the same time, but then the teaching staff must be increased. In the driving school staff should take the mechanic who will be responsible for the maintenance of vehicles, as well as the administrator who will answer the phone calls and record those who wish to take courses.
In addition, you should formalize the relationship with the traffic police. To do this, it is necessary to equip the classroom in accordance with the requirements of the Inspectorate, transfer the lists of groups that are recruited to prepare for driving, as well as arrange an exam.