How to create a server from scratch?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
October 2, 2014
How to create a server from scratch?

Many modern games have a network mode of the game - in this case, players get the opportunity to create their own server to organize the game with friends. In this article we will discuss how to create your own server using the SAMP program (Samp) from scratch.

We are determined with the version

Before downloading SAMP, you need to decide which version will work best:

  • SAMP PR - used for games that imitate real life;
  • SAMP DM - for a game whose goal is to kill other players;
  • SAMP TDM - perfect for war games in a team;
  • SAMP RACE - racing version,
  • SAMP DRIFT - version for racing with an emphasis on drift.

Downloading SAMP is best from the site.

SAMP configuration

We go to the downloaded archive, in any text editor, open the server.cfg file, we see a bunch of incomprehensible lines. This file defines server parameters, here you only need to specify:

  • lanmode - 0 (if the game will be played via the global network) or 1 (if local)
  • rcon_password - server password;
  • maxplayers - we define the maximum number of players who can use the server at the same time, the available range is 1-1000;
  • hostname - the desired server name;
  • weburl - your server link.

The remaining parameters do not touch!

Save the changes to the file.

Starting SAMP

Click on the file samp-server.exe. If the server.cfg file is filled correctly, it should open. If the window opened and instantly closed, then there is an error somewhere!

We go to the server and become the administrator.

Open the SAMP client and select the "Add to Favorites" button. In the opened window, we indicate our IP address, then we put a colon and indicate the port (in the settings we did not touch this parameter, the default value is 7777). Click "OK", then on the big green "Play" button.

We go into the RCON administration system, open the chat and write / rcon login, and then, after the space, indicate the password chosen when setting up the SAMP. If everything is done correctly, you will see the inscription "You are logged in as admin".

The administration process is carried out with the help of special RCON commands, which can be found on the website.