How to crochet socks?

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How to crochet socks?

Comfortable and pleasant to the touch knitted things will help to feel comfort in winter days and evenings, and warm tracks can be useful both at home and on the street (in boots, of course). Such socks can be knitted with the help of a hook or with needles. In addition, there are several embodiments of the figure for each tool. This article describes 2 ways to crochet.

Option 1: Spiral knitting

For the manufacture of Sledkov size 35-37 need about 150-200 grams of yarn. You can create an interesting striped pattern, taking several colored balls with one thickness of thread.

How to tie crochet socks (instruction):

  1. Take a thread and dial 20 air loops.
  2. Make one air lift loop and start to knit in a spiral. To do this, in each air loop of the chain, knit a single crochet post. Reaching the edge of the row, turn the craft 90 degrees clockwise and weave another row of columns in the same air loop.
  3. Make a mark at the beginning of the row.
  4. In the next row of columns, make 2 additions, tying 2 new ones into one loop. Pass in this way 5-6 rows, adding 2 loops in each row.
  5. Next, knit 20-25 rows of crochets without crochet, as a result you havesocksget the nose part of the sledka.
  6. To knit the heel, pull back from the beginning of the row 3-4 loops and knit the row as usual, and at the end also do not knit 3-4 last loops. Mark the beginning of the row again and continue knitting in this way until you complete the required number of rows. You should have an odd job equal to the length of your foot.
  7. At the end of the last row, tie one side loop. Turn the knitting and knit all the side loops. Knit a side of a sledka necessary height.
  8. The edge of the footprint can be decorated with a picot pattern. To do this, make 3 air loops and tie the outermost of them into the same column from which the chain began. Tie such picot in each loop of the last row.

Sledki turn out very dense thanks to knitting by columns without nakida. They will be warm, especially if you take a natural wool thread.

Option 2: Sliver with decorative buckle

To decorate these marks, you will need 2 buttons besides yarn. The work is done as follows:

  1. Tie 4 air loops, connect them into a ring. Tie a single loop of the air loop, then in the ring, make 6 columns without a single crochet.
  2. In the second row, 2 of the same columns get into each loop.
  3. Now you will need to count the rows. All odd ones will need to be knit with single crochets.
  4. In the fourth row in the first loop, tie 1 column, and in the second - 2. Thus alternate the number of columns to the end of the row.
  5. In the sixth row, in the first and second loops, knit one pillar one by one, and in the third - 2. Continue this binding until the end of the row.
  6. In the eighth row in 3 loops 1 column gets involved, in the fourth - 2, and in the tenth row in 4 loops - 1, and in the fifth - 2.Footsteps
  7. If you knit sledki 38–43 size, continue this pattern for 3-6 rows.
  8. Then a row of single crochets knits in a circle. So another 16-18 rows are connected. Next, we knit all the loops with a single crochet column, leaving 10–12 loops at the end. At the same time, subtract each row by 1 column.
  9. The strapping can be done as follows: in the first loop, make a single crochet column, then make a long (up to 0.5 cm) air loop, and then again a single crochet column in the third loop. Continue the row to the end, then cut the thread and fasten the outer loop.
  10. Strap with a buckle (button). Make a chain of 6 air loops. In the second loop, knit a single crochet post and tie the posts to the end. Turn knitting over and knit 16-18 rows with single crochets (can be more, depending on the desired length of the strap). Cut the long thread, fasten the outer loop and sew the strap with a button to the track.

The work is finished, try on your buckle.

Of course, it is possible to knit sledka with knitting needles.