How to cut a cat?

Recently, grooming pets is becoming increasingly popular. Specialized barber shops are opening up, call-up experts appear, arriving home to the pet owner. As a rule, long-haired pets need this kind of care, the wool of which can cause inconvenience both to their owners (especially in the spring period, when cats shed faintly lightening their fur coats before the hot summer period) and the animals themselves, because the long and thick hair gets into the stomach the animal during licking and, rolling into lumps, cause nausea and even vomiting in the cat. In addition, thick wool can be a serious problem for your pet on hot summer days and in winter, if the apartment has a high temperature. Many also shear cats simply, for beauty, as well as to improve the appearance of animals before exhibitions - the so-called grooming.

If you do not plan to contact the specialists, it is important to understand how to cut the cat without harming its health!

A haircut

Before you begin the process of cutting the animal, you must cut the cat's claws, so that, having got agitated during the process of cutting, it could not harm you and yourself, because the haircut for the animal is very stressful!

How to trim the cat's claws

In order to properly cut the claws of a cat, it is best to use a special clipper, which can be purchased at any pet store. If you do not have such a tool at hand, you can use sharp nail clippers, but in no case do not have scissors, since they can damage the structure of the claws, in the relief of which it will separate and will cause discomfort to the animal for a long time. It is necessary to cut the claw with such nippers perpendicular to it. It is important not to cut the claws too short - an inexperienced person can cut the claw too short, thus damaging the cat's finger. If you still cut the claw very short, and blood appeared on the claw - do not be alarmed! Treat the wound with a disinfectant (for example, hydrogen peroxide) and within five minutes the bleeding will stop.

How to cut a cat

After all the claws are cut, you can proceed to the very haircut! Consider that the cat will be very nervous and break out and you will most likely not be able to cut your pet alone, so I recommend that you find yourself an assistant.

  • It is most convenient to cut a cat on a hard flat surface, for example, on a table covered with a thick cloth or bedspread.
  • In the beginning, you should cut your back, sides and stomach, for which it is most convenient to use a clipper. Then you can begin to cut armpits, genital area, which should be done with special attention and caution!
  • Paws can not be cut below the elbows and knees! For a haircut near the pads on the legs, it is better to use scissors with blunt ends, so that the cat does not accidentally hurt yourself!
  • In no case can not cut the head of a cat. It is permissible to slightly trim the mane, but no more!
  • In order to trim a cat, it is shortly permissible to use a machine against the growth of wool, however, in this case the attachment should be at least three millimeters to avoid damage to the pet's skin!

If after the haircut the cat will behave inadequately for some time - do not be surprised, all the same, this procedure was a serious test for her.However, if the unusual behavior continues for more than 3-4 days - it is better to show the animal to the vet!