How to decorate a shirt?

They put a spot in a visible place and, reluctantly, decided to part with your favorite shirt, or, on the contrary, want to get rid of almost new, but unloved blouses? Do not rush to throw them in the trash, try to give them a chance for a second life, and we will be happy to help you with this.

We decorate the collar of a denim shirt

Denim shirt, which still does not wear out and looks like a new one, but has already managed to podnadoest pretty, you can decorate as follows.

  • Review your existing stocks of different-sized beads, rhinestones, decorative buttons and select (or buy in the store) thirty pieces, combined with each other in appearance. For example, pearl beads, transparent attached rhinestones, buttons with pearl centers in the edging of golden metal - it is desirable that all of them were not only round, but also in the form of squares, flowers, droplets or hearts.
  • Take your shirt, lay it on the table and, before decorating the shirt collar, on its corners with tailor's chalk, mark the borders of the triangles, within which you will continue to sew accessories.
  • Sew on the ends of the collar the largest elements of the decor, stack them tightly to each other, then sew smaller ones, increasing the intervals between them so that the border between the decor and the fabric of the collar is soft and blurred.
  • If desired, in the same way you can decorate and pockets on the shirt shirt. Replacing rhinestones and pearls with wooden and horn buttons and brass rivets, you get a casual, but no less beautiful, decor option.

We decorate with flowers from fabric

Another interesting idea how to decorate a shirt with your own hands is as follows:

  • If your shirt is white, you will need a synthetic fabric in a contrasting color, such as black, red, or blue, with fine white polka dots or a thin white stripe. If the shirt is of a different color, look for a black or white cloth with peas or stripes to match the shirt.
  • Make one large or several small flowers out of this fabric, decorate them with woven leaves, buds, and pin the entire composition onto the left shoulder of your shirt. Do not know how to make flowers yourself - order from the master in the studio.
  • Now it remains only to change the buttons to contrast in color, and your old shirt will come to life and sparkle with new colors.

Making lace inserts

A great idea how to decorate a shirt with lace, but for its realization you will definitely need a sewing machine that performs a zigzag seam.

  • We buy ready-made lace motifs of suitable color and size and choose the place to which we will sew them. You can, for example, take two such motives and symmetrically arrange them on the shelves of a shirt, just below the shoulder seams. In this case, the motives must be taken large, rectangular or triangular in shape, since they will imitate the lace yoke from our blouse. You can do it differently - one large flower motif of arbitrary shape can be beautifully placed on the left shoulder.
  • After you decide on a place for a lace motif, tack it with small stitches to your shirt.
  • Along the outer contours of the lace, lay a narrow and dense zigzag stitch, thereby sewing it to the shirt.
  • Manicure scissors from the seamy side, carefully, close to the line, cut the fabric under the lace motifs.