How to decorate Easter cake with Easter with your own hands - the most interesting workshops - Decorate Easter cakes with mastic, icing and fudge - step by step photos and videos

UKNP-012Ideas how to decorate Easter cake with your own hands, there is a great variety. Some housewives go the simplest classical way and decorate baking with ordinary protein glaze. Experimenting cooks choose more original versions and decorate their products with chocolate icing, glossy fudge, exquisite mastic, candied fruits and sugar cakes. It seems to you that it is difficult and troublesome? Not at all, especially when there are detailed workshops with step-by-step instructions and video material on hand.You only need to study them carefully and choose for yourself the most convenient and suitable option for decorating Easter cakes, which will please your loved ones and will pleasantly surprise the guests who came to the festive meal.

How to decorate Easter cakes for Easter with your own hands - a master class with step by step photos

To make homemade Easter cakes look bright, bright and attractive, you can decorate them not with protein glaze, but with homemade sugar fudge. It will create on the surface of baking a very dense, smooth crust with a glossy shine, it will not be sprinkled and will not stick in the cutting process. How to make a white glaze, the master class presented below will tell you, and if you want to use colored fudge, it will be enough to pour a few drops of fruit juice of the required shade into the sweet mass or just add food coloring.


Ingredients for the workshop on decorating Easter cakes with their own hands for Easter

  • granulated sugar - 250 g
  • citric acid solution - 12 drops
  • water - 150 ml
  • food flavors

Step-by-step instruction to the master class on decorating Easter cake for Easter

  1. Pour sugar in a small thick-bottomed pot, pour hot, but not boiling water and stir until the crystals are completely dissolved.UKNP-005
  2. Then put the container on the stove, make a big fire and cook without stirring and not covering the lid.UKNP-006
  3. When the syrup begins to actively seethe, remove the foam formed on the surface, cover it with a lid, reduce the heat and cook until the mass becomes plastic and no longer sticks to hands. Before turning off, add citric acid, mix well, remove from heat, place on a plate, sprinkle with water and cool as quickly as possible.UKNP-007
  4. Then beat the sweet billet with a wooden spatula for 15-20 minutes. As a result, the product should acquire plasticity, bright gloss and rich white color.UKNP-008
  5. When this happens, knead the fudge with a silicone spatula, warm it again to 45-55 °, stirring all the time, and introduce the necessary aromatic substances. With a confectionery brush, apply to chilled pancakes and allow to dry well. Add 5-6 drops of blackcurrant juice to the remaining mass, mix and draw the letter “XB” on top of the white layer.

How to decorate Easter cakes for Easter with your own hands - a master class on cooking chocolate icing with candied fruits


Protein glaze is a classic version of the design of Easter baking and they are unlikely to be able to surprise anyone.But chocolate glaze, of course, immediately attract attention and instantly select the cake from the total mass of dishes located on the festive table. And candied fruit and small sugar topping give baking a brighter, more elegant and solemn look.

Necessary ingredients for decorating Easter cake with chocolate and candied fruit

  • dark chocolate - 100 g
  • icing sugar - 150 g
  • chocolate butter - 50 g
  • potato starch - 1 tsp
  • Nesquik - 4 tbsp. L
  • milk 3.2% - 7 tbsp
  • candied fruit - 100 g
  • colored sugar topping - 50 g

Step by step instructions on how to decorate Easter cake with Easter

  1. Mix powdered sugar and milk at room temperature in a small enamel container and bring to a boil over low heat.
  2. Chocolate break into pieces of arbitrary shape and together with the oil sent to the water bath. When the mass becomes liquid, pour it to the powdered sugar and milk. Mix very thoroughly, pour in starch and cocoa and hold on for another 2-3 minutes.
  3. When the mass begins to thicken, remove from heat and cool a little naturally.
  4. Using a silicone brush, lubricate the surface of already cooled Easter cakes, sprinkle them thickly with candied fruit and colored sugar decorations.

How to decorate Easter cake dough - a recipe with photos


This recipe with a photo tells in detail how to decorate an Easter cake with original and effective decorative elements from the dough. The convenience of this design option is also in the fact that you can fashion everything that only your heart desires, ranging from the simplest colors and leaves and ending with complex objects with lots of details.

Necessary ingredients for decorating dough for Easter cake

  • wheat flour - 1 tbsp
  • boiled water - ½ st
  • vegetable oil - 1 tbsp
  • fresh lemon juice - 1 tbsp
  • butter - ½ tbsp

Step-by-step instruction to the recipe for making decorations from the Easter cake test

  1. In a deep enamelled container, combine water at room temperature, both types of oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice and beat very well.
  2. Sift the wheat flour of the highest grade through a kitchen sieve and in small portions enter into the oily mass, without stopping the beating.
  3. When the dough becomes homogeneous, but still does not lose stickiness, put the dishes with it on a small fire. All the time, stir with a spatula and remove from the plate only when the mass is compacted and becomes elastic.Readiness to check with a finger: if the dough has ceased to stick, it means that it has reached the necessary consistency.
  4. When the dough has cooled to room temperature, roll it out with a rolling pin and cut out several circles using a round cookie cutter. Twist them into a roller and cut it in half with a sharp knife. The resulting fragments put on the cut, and the upper petals slightly bend. It will be roses.
  5. For spikelets of dough, roll up several long thin rolls, spread one part a little with your fingers and make cuts with a knife on it.
  6. Any flat decorations cut out of dough with special culinary molds.
  7. Arrange the decor elements on the surface of the cakes according to their own tastes, smear with whipped yolk on top and send to bake in the oven.

How to decorate cakes with mastic and protein glaze in the home


Sweet mastic is a modern version of food decor that allows you to turn standard, familiar dishes into masterpieces of culinary art. You can create decorations of any complexity from this plastic component at home, and then use them to decorate classic Easter cakes or any other baking.

The necessary ingredients for Easter decorations on a cake of mastic and glaze

For sugar protein coating

  • egg white - 2 pcs
  • fresh lemon juice - 1 tsp
  • icing sugar - 170 g

For mastic

  • Marshmallow sweets - 100 g
  • powdered sugar - 160 g
  • boiled water - 1 tsp
  • butter - 15 g
  • food dyes green and red

Step-by-step instructions on how to decorate Easter cake at home with protein glaze and mastic

  1. For the glaze, beat the cooled egg whites with a mixer into a light foam. Gradually pour the entire amount of powdered sugar, pour in lemon juice and continue to beat until the mass has acquired the consistency of thick homemade sour cream. Then, using a silicone brush, quickly smear the surface of already well-cooled Easter cakes with a sweet glaze.
  2. To create mastic, marshmallows and oil should be folded into a heat-resistant container and sent to the microwave for 10-15 seconds so that they melt. Then divide the entire volume of products into two identical parts.
  3. Separate the dyes separately in a small amount of water and add red to one half of the oily mass, and green to the other.
  4. The entire amount of powdered sugar divided in half, pour to each color and knead elastic mastic.
  5. For the manufacture of roses, thinly roll out the red layer, cut into fragments with a metal round cake, and then roll each piece into a bud, gently moistening the base with a small amount of water.
  6. For leaves, roll out the green layer and, using a blank of the appropriate form, cut into the required amount.
  7. Arrange the roses on the glazed surface of the cake, add leaves and leave at room temperature. If desired, decorate the top with colored or plain sugar sprinkles.

How to decorate the original Easter cakes at home - photos, ideas, tips

In the decoration of cakes, there are practically no restrictions. It all depends on the imagination of the hostess and the availability of her free time. If there is no opportunity to cook for a long time, you can limit yourself to the classic version and decorate baking with lush and delicate protein glaze. This option is always appropriate and looks very attractive.


When you want to come up with something really, original and please your family with extraordinary ideas,it is worth paying attention to more complex ways of food decor. It is appropriate here to look like a combination of nuts and dried fruit. They can cover the whole surface of the cake, and from the top to create a glossy luster abundantly lubricated with whipped yolk.


The most creative will undoubtedly like the opportunity to decorate the cake with colored mastic, for example, blue. Of course, baking made this way will no longer be like a cake, but neither her relatives nor guests will leave it without attention.