How to decorate flowers?

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How to decorate flowers?

Potted flowers create comfort and refresh any room. To make them look even more spectacular, you can decorate them in an original way. The main decoration for home plants is a pot. Of course, you can buy it at the store, but if you do the decoration yourself, the flower pot can be a real masterpiece.

Decorating a flower pot

  1. A flower pot can be decorated with various cereals, gluing them with liquid glue spread on a cotton swab. Buckwheat, millet, peas, beans, rice will help to create a beautiful pattern or ornament. You can use several croup at the same time or one type, for example, rice, which can be painted in gouache or in watercolor.
  2. Romantic decorated pots decorated with lace. For work you will need lace fabric and glue. If you stick a white lace on a white pot, you get a gentle, subtle version. And for those who like contrast, you should choose a black pot, then white lace will give the desired effect.Decorate flowers
  3. If blue and blue tones predominate in your interior, try decorating with seashells and sea stones.Such pots will look simple, unique, and adequately emphasize the style of the room.
  4. Beads, beads, buttons can serve as an ornament. These materials will allow to realize any fantasy. And, of course, you can use rhinestones, which have always been a popular decoration in decorating.
  5. Ribbons are a great option to decorate a flower pot. And they can be of any color, they can be tied around a pot and tied in a bow.

Pots decorated with their own hands, will look original, and emphasize the individuality of the design of your home.

Other flower decoration options

  1. It is interesting to look at various butterflies, bugs, made of scrap materials, attached to a wooden straw or wire. By inserting this craft into a flower pot, you will add bright colors to the plant. The flowers made of fabric, ribbons and beads look very nice. TheirDecorate flowersYou can also fasten among the greenery, and get a "flowering" houseplant.
  2. Creative products can be made from ordinary wooden spoons. If you paint them with colors and decorate them in accordance with your imagination, you will get amazing decorations.
  3. If the plant needs extra support, try using a bamboo stick decorated with various ribbons and flowers.

If you can not decide how to beautifully decorate flowers, use the advice of friends. Exchange of experience in this matter will not be superfluous.