How to delete a page on Twitter

Internet service Twitter has gained tremendous popularity around the world, so that every day it is recorded hundreds of thousands of new users. However, some users want to delete their account, but can not quickly do it. If you belong to this category of people, then you should not go through the notorious “path of trial and error,” it is better to do everything right.

 How to delete a page on Twitter

How to delete a page on Twitter: basic steps

The removal of your Twitter account is as follows:

  • First, of course, you need to log in to the system (go to the main page of this social network, enter the user name and password in the appropriate fields - in a word, the procedure is familiar);
  • Having done this, you go to your profile page, where you can see information about tweets from other users, the total number of subscriptions, readers, etc .;
  • in the upper right corner is the icon of the settings (a characteristic gear), click on it;
  • Next, a window opens with the current settings for your profile (country, media file settings, translations of foreign tweets, and so on);
  • scroll the page to the end and at the bottom you see the inscription “Delete my account”, click there;
  • the next page has a very symbolic character and the title “So, say goodbye?”;
  • It is recommended that you read the information that is written there (for example, you can find out that account data is stored for another 30 days after deletion);
  • If after reading everything, you decide to delete your profile, click on the appropriate button and follow the instructions.

 How to delete a page on Twitter

What you need to know before you delete a Twitter account?

Many users are looking for how to remove Twitter, but this is not always the solution to their problems. Before you delete a Twitter account, you should know that:

  • If you plan to create a new account using old data in it (user name and email address), before deleting a profile, it is recommended to change them in the settings menu (otherwise you will not be able to do this until 30 days have passed);
  • it takes just a couple of minutes to delete an account, but some items of its contents are visible to other users for a few more days;
  • You should not delete your profile if you just want to change your username or URL (just go to the settings,edit the necessary information and click "Save Changes"; After entering the password, the new settings will take effect).
  • Of course, deleting an account is the easiest way to delete all tweets at once. But if you do not want to waste time on new registration, it is better not to do it.

    What you need to know before