How to do good?

The modern world is developing so rapidly, every day runs faster than the previous one, and in this race a person does not have time to look back and realize what good he has done in his life. Many years later, many complain that they did not manage to do the simplest things - to spend more time with loved ones, children, to help someone in difficult times - to do good. Answers to questions about what is good are different, but they all agree that good is the highest value of humanity.

Good words

Sometimes it is very important to hear a kind, kind word from relatives or friends. Compliments, words of praise or thanks should sound naturally, �on time� and �to the place.�


Words of gratitude are never redundant. It is important to thank a person for even the smallest help or a perfect deed.

  • I am so thankful to you for what you did.
  • Thank you very much, I appreciate you / care / help.


Compliments should be distinguished from inappropriate flattery, which is not a good deed. Artificial flattery will never replace a compliment made from the heart.

  • How wonderful you look today!
  • You are so beautiful!


Like compliments, words of praise should sound natural. Words of praise, oriented towards profit, have nothing good and good in their nature.

  • You are so well done / clever!
  • I am proud of you!


Not only words can give good, but also deeds. Good - this is gratuitous help to your family, which is expressed in different ways:

Domestic help

No matter how familiar housework may seem, help in routine work always deserves attention and gratitude. Do good simply:

  • take out the trash
  • to wash the dishes
  • do general cleaning

Child care assistance

Help in caring for a child, especially for a newborn, is never superfluous. But not only kids need attention, children of any age will appreciate the time spent with them.

  • sit with the baby
  • help the student with homework
  • take children to the water park

Moral aid

Someone, besides domestic help or kind words, needs moral help. To talk heart to heart, to give him time and support in difficult times means to do good.

  • I'm with you, you will succeed.
  • I'm always by your side.

In addition to friends and relatives, good can be done in relation to strangers. Help can be provided to people who need it in different life situations:

  • help carry heavy bags to the car
  • lead a stranger
  • tell the way


Donations to social assistance funds, rehabilitation centers or orphanages will not only be a good deed, but also can save someone's life. Charity is one of the important aspects not only of the life of an individual, but of the whole society, the key to its successful development and prosperity.

Boomerang good

To understand what good is good, it is enough to remember that good is always returned to the one who made it, like a boomerang, perhaps in a different form and not immediately. This is how the world works, the good returns, at the same time closing the circle and giving a new reason for a good deed.