How to do the lessons quickly?

One of the main problems that pupils and their parents constantly face is still the question of how quickly to do their homework. A child should, first of all, learn to do homework independently, and parents, of course, should make every effort so that he hacked it to himself.

Where to begin

To form a student's habit of doing homework yourself, you must follow a few rules.

  • Workplace. It should be properly organized, try to make the table, chair, bookcase comfortable and in harmony with each other. On this depends the mood of the student and his predisposition to the lessons.
  • Planning. It is imperative to explain to the child that, before starting work, you need to clarify what specific tasks and what subjects you need to perform in order to avoid tricky cases when an exercise is first done and then the rule is learned. Gradually, under the supervision of adults, the student should learn how to plan and sequence lessons.
  • The sequence of tasks.A very common opinion about the primacy of more complex tasks is rather dubious and does not always work. Here you must take into account the nature of the child. There are children who are actively involved in work, but then quickly lose interest and get tired. It is best for such children to start with more complex tasks. And there is the opposite: the child begins to work slowly, but in the process the pace of work increases, then he should start with simple objects.

Such an approach and attentive attitude towards the child will give him the opportunity to independently understand how to do his homework quickly. Parents need to teach the student to do homework himself, for which you need to be patient and methodically work with him, gradually loosening control and increasing the time for independent study. Much also depends on the individual abilities of the child.

We teach independence

At the very beginning, parents will have to complete assignments with a schoolboy, having taught him to start doing work in a draft. A little later, you can entrust the execution of part of the tasks yourself, finally making sure of the capabilities of the child.A sense of trust and a sense of success will also do their work: this will accelerate the pace and quality of the child’s assignments. Small prizes can also do good work here.

It is very important that the child understands that he can always turn to adults for help and support. Having taught the student how to do the tasks on his own, you need to keep him morally for some time, it is important for him to understand that there is a person nearby who can come to the aid at any moment.

After all this, the child can already learn the lessons himself, without outside help and control, setting the most convenient order for him and the time for completing the tasks. In fact, the recommended approach may seem too long, but if you want to teach your child planning and responsibility, then listen to the recommendations on how to do the lessons correctly.

Now you know how to do homework quickly. This will allow you to introduce your child to the discipline and planning of your day. And children will be able to keep up with everything, including spending time on entertainment.