How to draw a dragon?

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How to draw a dragon?

According to the eastern calendar, the year 2012 is considered the year of the dragon, so interest in the images of the latter has increased significantly. Before you draw a dragon, you must have an idea of ​​what kind of animal it is.

Western and Eastern species

Legendary creatures with which people fight in myths, both singly and whole armies, are divided into two conventional types: European and Chinese. Oddly enough, the classic image was precisely the idea of ​​giant lizards floating in Europe, soaring above the world on huge wings.

There are a lot of classic images of the legendary beast, they can be downloaded in large quantities from the global network, while drawing a dragon with a pencil is very difficult. If you already have a certain skill of pencil sketches, the creation process will be much easier.

How to draw a dragon in stages

Step one

dragon in stagesWith the help of an oval you need to portray the head and draw horizontal and vertical axes of symmetry.Outlines of the mouth can be obtained with the help of several arcs. For the body there will be a bigger ellipse, the same slightly flattened circles, only smaller, will go for the beast's knees. Connect them to the body with thin lines that will play the role of a skeleton in a painted creature. Then you can, focusing on the position of the body, bones and knees, to depict the lower parts of the legs.

We will replace the tail with a simple arc for the time being, but we will have to work with the wings: first we mark our elbows with the help of ovals and connect them to the body. Two lines depict part of the forearm and begin to draw the skeleton for the membrane.

Step two

On the blank under the head, add a pair of horns, outlines of the nose and large lower teeth. Around the entire skull we depict a contour and mandatory sharp angles. We return to the paws - now we try to make them voluminous, we connect the individual elements and outline the tail.

Wings are encircled by a single line that extends from the body - this contour connects the ends of the membrane membrane.

Step Three

dragon muzzleIt is necessary to draw the face of the dragon and portray the tail with a sharp tip.Next, you need to work out the fingers and add a few folds on the edges of the wings.

If you lack imagination to present difficult moments, you can watch a video on how to draw a dragon.

Final stage

Here it is necessary to work out the features of the dragon’s muzzle, draw large fangs, pay attention to the skin, head, horns and torso. Do not forget about the fact that the beast is covered with scales and bone plates, which are sufficient to mark only in some places.

There are several ways to draw a dragon, but it is the parallel image of all the elements of the picture that allows you to see the right solution in difficult moments.