How to draw a gnome?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 11, 2013
How to draw a gnome?

If you want to try yourself in the role of the famous multiplier, try to draw a gnome. You will succeed. All you need is perseverance, a pencil and paper. The gnome will be small, but very cute. Without intricate curlicues, in a simple cap, it will be possible to think that the gnome is holding something in his hand to make the drawing more colorful.

In order to completely simplify the task, the description will describe how to draw the gnome step by step. Take a pencil, prepare colored pencils, markers or paints to decorate the gnome. Draw a circle on the sheet, under this figure you need to draw a smaller oval. Both figures should touch like a snowman.

Now in the lower oval you need to choose a place in the center, retreat from it to the edges of the oval.

Draw two small circles on the sides.

Under them closer to the center you need to draw two more circles, only a little more. There should be another snowman inside the oval. These are the handles and legs of the gnome.

Now on the top circle - the oval of the gnome you need to draw a cap.To do this, you can draw a triangle so that its upper corner is tilted either to the left side or to the right side, depending on which side the gnome's head will be turned.

Now on the top point of the triangle (curved), you need to draw a small brush. You can draw a circle. So get a gnome hat.

Draw a gnome's face - small eyes-buttons, a big round nose, thick eyebrows, a small mouth and a beard with a mustache.

Then you need to turn the bottom circles into real legs. They need to finish the shoes or boots. To do this, draw two semicircles on the circles. Draw a gnome blouse and pants, if necessary.

Here's how to draw a gnome with a pencil! But if you want to get a more interesting picture, you can continue and come up with some more details. You can put a gnome on the table, put ice cream in your hands, flowers or a ball.