How to draw an autumn landscape?

November 26, 2014
How to draw an autumn landscape?

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How to draw an autumn landscape?

Autumn is a cold, but bright season, when orange, red, maroon colors are raging - this is the main point that should be taken into account in creating the autumn landscape.

Today we offer you to draw a simple autumn landscape, which even a beginner can handle. We will depict yellowed birch on a cold, transparent background of autumn water and sky. We need paint, pencil and a sheet of paper.

How to draw an autumn landscape: instructions

  1. Arrange A4 sheet horizontally, mark the horizon line, determine the place for the background, sky, water, shore and birch trees.
  2. Light line mark the contour of the coast, then with strokes draw a trunk and branches of a future birch. You can draw two birch trees, as in the pictures on this page, and you can limit yourself to one. Graduallylandscapedraw the contours of the trees and the shore, make them clearer.
  3. Now we need to paint the background with blurred strokes - this will create a certain transparency,inherent nature in the autumn. The most suitable colors are pastel or gouache; it is more difficult to work with water-colors on this picture. In strokes depict the sky, water, trees and their reflection in the water. Do not touch the birch trunks and shore. Wait a while for the paint to dry.
  4. Go to the image of birch trunks. It is necessary to make them clear so that they are not lost on the background of water. Use for this black color, do not forget to portray the characteristic birch bark.
  5. After this, paint the coast with dark strokes (depicting the earth) and separate yellow and red specks (depicting fallen leaves). Also, draw a green sedge in the water, red and brown - small bushes near the birch trees.
  6. Last, draw the foliage on the birch. In autumn, the leaves of this tree become yellow and brownish. For brightness and greater expression, draw a rich tree crown. Each leaf can be drawn with a bright yellow speck. Several of these spots next - and get a finished branch. Make leaves of uneven yellow color, so that the foliage looks more believable - somewhere brighter and yellower, somewhere - paler.

This way you can portray the autumn.