How to draw Carlson?

Vladimir Kulinich
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How to draw Carlson?

Many people know such a character of Soviet cartoons as Carlson. How to draw Carlson, our article will tell.

  • First you need to find among the old cartoons or on the Internet image of this character and explore the features of its structure, various trifles. You will see that this character violates all the proportions known to you when building the body. Most likely, you will draw a dwarf who has a specific structure of legs and arms;
  • Next, you need to draw an oval pear-like body and poses of the legs and arms. It must be remembered that it is easier to draw this picture using continuous straight lines than to shade it with a dotted line. It is also useful to those who draw this character on a personal computer;
  • Now you need to draw hands and the main attribute of Carlson, like a flying character - a propeller;
  • Then you can draw his hair and fingers on his hands, then proceed to draw character clothes.These are invariably rolled up sleeves, wide trousers and, of course, a button on his belly;
  • Next you need to draw the simplest character brushes, simple facial expressions of his face. Now you need to look at your drawing and improve its quality, which already depends on your ability to draw;
  • It remains to paint Carlson and impose the necessary shadows and highlights. It is better to apply color in several layers: from the most faded color to bright in about 3 or 4 layers.