How to drill a well

You will need
  • - brick
  • - a rock,
  • - concrete rings or wood,
  • - cement,
  • - shovel,
  • - roulette,
  • - ax,
  • - capacity for cement mortar
Usually,wellit is not built anywhere you want, but where groundwater comes close to the surface. The closer the water lies, the less effort you will need when drilling a well.
There are two types of groundwater - groundwater and artesian. Most often for the device of mine wells use ground waters, lying at a depth of 5 to 15 m. Artesian waters are located much deeper, therefore, to access them, you have to drill a well. But such water under pressure, they themselves rise above the soil surface.
To determine the depth of groundwater, it is necessary to conduct exploratory drilling. Such drilling requires technology, therefore, to select a place underwellbetter to contact the experts.
Drilling a well is not as simple as it may seem.A well-drilled well may not only fail to bring the expected water, but is also fully capable of dewatering wells in neighboring areas.
Currently, mine wells are widely used. They represent a framework, recessed into the ground to aquifers. The frame is necessary to prevent soil from entering the mine. Minewell- relatively inexpensive construction, it is simple in construction. It consists ofwellfrom the head, the trunk (mine) and the intake part.
Water in such a well flows through the bottom or holes in the lower part of the barrel. Deepen the mine in the aquifer should be at a depth of about a meter. The shape of the shaft well can be very diverse: square, round, polygonal. In the construction will need a brick, stone, concrete or wood.
The well head should protrude approximately 80 cm above the surface. A blind area of ​​concrete one meter wide is built around it. Provide a lid to preventwelldebris and precipitation. You can build a decorative log house around the tip, it will give an aesthetic look to the well.
The rise of water from the well is usually carried out with a bucket using a block gate installed in the frame. Sometimes you can raise the water pump. The most exotic options include the installation next to the “crane” frame - an effective folk device for lifting water.
If you decide to use wood as a material for a log house, choose oak - it is durable and resistant to water. Spruce is the least suitable, it quickly begins to rot in the water. Log cabin for the well is done in the same way as for the house.
Wooden wells are usually made square with a wall width of about a meter. The ends of the docking logs are hewn into the "paw". It is more convenient to assemble a log house on the surface, and then lower it into individual holes in the excavated shaft. Between the walls of the log house and the ground there should be a free space about 3 cm wide. Grow the log house until three crowns are above the ground.
Many owners decide to use concrete rings in the construction of the well. The choice of the diameter of the rings depends on the planned mine volume. The smaller the height of the ring, the easier it is to install. The seams between the rings are sealed with cement mortar.