How to drink creatine

You can take creatine and in large doses. Drink 5 g of the drug 4 times a day. Experienced bodybuilders call this method loading, in other words, saturating the body with amino acid in the shortest possible time. Use five grams for the first five weeks, then three grams for a week, then take a monthly break. There is one thing: the results of the use of amino acids in this scheme are not stored for long.
Try to drink creatine five grams four times a day for a week in a row, take a seven-day break and resume taking the drug. First consult with your trainer, it is possible that you should not speed up the process of saturating the body with amino acid.
Creatine is also sold in powder form. Strictly measure the required dose, dissolve it in lukewarm water or juice and take it on an empty stomach. In principle, this can be done after a meal, except that the amino acid will be absorbed more slowly.
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Creatine is contraindicated in a number of diseases, for example, asthma, allergies, as well as in the presence of abnormalities in the liver and kidneys. Pre-pass the examination in the clinic to exclude any pathology in the body. Do not drink the amino acid and during pregnancy or lactation. Of course, there will be no particular harm, but this is nevertheless undesirable.
Helpful advice
Do not take more than the recommended dosage. This is especially true of creatine, which is composed of transport matrix. The exact dosage check with your doctor or in the annotations. Do not try to speed up the process - the power indicators from this will not increase as soon as possible, because it takes time.