How to drink sake?

Victoria Matyushkina
Victoria Matyushkina
May 26, 2011
How to drink sake?

Sake drink is a special alcoholic drink of national Japanese cuisine. Its taste can be filled with fruity notes, combined with sherry and pleasantly bitter tones. Fine varieties of sake will delight the taste of fresh mushrooms, cheese, soy sauce. This drink has a clear color, either greenish-lemon or yellowish-amber.

How to drink sake?

Here everyone decides for himself. Sake can be drunk both warmed up and cooled, you can even add pieces of ice and drink an ice drink. The temperature of the drink ranges from 5 ° C to 60 ° C, and there are several degrees of heating:

  • Khinatakan (sunny) - 30 ° C;
  • "Itohadakan" (human skin) - 35 ° C;
  • “Nurukan” (slightly warm) - 40 ° C;
  • “Jokan” (warm) - 45 ° C;
  • Atsukan (hot) - 50 ° C;
  • "Tobikirican" (very hot) - 55 ° C.

In summer, in the heat, it is preferable to drink light and sweet sake chilled. In the cold season you can drink a strong and spicy sake. Consider the traditional way of using this drink - "Kan-Zake". In order to cook sake it needs to be heated to room temperature,the drink is poured into a ceramic vessel and heated in a water bath. Care should be taken to prevent sake from overheating, as from overheating the drink loses its flavor.

There are some rules for the consumption of sake, or as they say - drinking culture.

There are special kits for sake, which include tokkuri (a small ceramic jug) and choco (small cups). From tokkuri poured sake into choko, by the way, the cups are designed for only 2-3 sips. It is bad form to fill your own cup, sake is made to be poured in front of the toast itself. When your cup is filled with sake, it will be more convenient to keep it on weight.

Sake goes well with various dishes, be it traditional Japanese dishes, fish dishes or just cheese snacks and even chips.

In Japan, they say "Friendship is born where they drink sake."