How to eat pilaf?

Yana Merichenko
Yana Merichenko
July 9, 2014
How to eat pilaf?

Plov is an unusual dish of Oriental cuisine, inviting with its incredible taste. By tradition, pilaf is always cooked in large quantities. How to eat pilaf? Next, we will give some tips on this issue.

How to eat plov: tips

Many still figure out how to eat pilaf. Conservatives believe that pilaf should be eaten with hands in accordance with tradition. Fans of etiquette claim that pilaf is a rather fatty dish and eating with its hands is the height of vulgarity.

In the east, it is still customary to eat pilaf by hand, which requires great skill and ability. They grab a piece of meat and collect rice around it with three fingers. It turns out small balls, put them in the mouth with their hands. In other countries, pilau is eaten with cutlery.

  • Pilaf is quite fatty food, so you need to serve unsweetened hot tea, which will melt the fat.
  • For pilaf, it is necessary to make shortcakes, which will also help to digest fat faster.
  • It is recommended to combine pilaf with some light vegetable salad.

When cooking pilaf, remember that the meat in it should not be too large, because it does not look very nice and is also inconvenient to eat.

Eastern traditions of cooking pilau

In order to enjoy a portion of the wonderful crumbly Uzbek pilaf, you must first cook it.

In Eastern families, pilaf is prepared by the whole family and in the open air. Each has a special occupation: women chop carrots and other vegetables, children carry plates to the cauldron located on the street, and men near the cauldron cut the meat and prepare pilaf itself. It has long been believed that pilaf is a male dish, the recipe was passed on from generation to generation.

A cauldron for pilaf should be round and spacious so that meat and other products are completely roasted over high heat. The uniqueness of this preparation is that the meat does not burn at all, but is fried. Thus, the meat becomes juicy and does not dry out. In the east, the unique ingredient in the swim is the zucchini, softening rice and giving an unbeatable flavor to the dish. Rice for pilaf in Oriental cuisine is not extinguished, it is slightly steamed, and then covered with a lid and allowed to infuse.It is this cooking method that will make pilaf unusually tasty.

After preparing the pilaf from the cauldron, the best piece of meat is selected and given to the oldest member of the family. Then adults get a portion, and complete the distribution of pilaf, imposing it on children. In addition to pilau, a bowl of garlic sauce is placed on the table, in which meat is dipped. Sometimes chickpea - chickpea is added to pilaf for an interesting taste.