How to eat that skin was healthy?

You can buy the highest quality and most expensive cosmetics, but without a proper diet, your face will not look as good as it could. We offer several nutritional tips to help maintain and preserve the beauty of your skin.
Healthy skin
Healthy skin

1. Drink more water.Water moisturizes and cleanses the body of toxins, ensures the normal functioning of all systems, improves metabolism. As a result, you get a healthy complexion and well-hydrated skin. It is just plain water without gases that acts on our body, no soda is not listed here.

2. Lead on fruit.They contain many antioxidants that help fight free radicals, substances formed in the body as a result of exposure to adverse environmental conditions and stress. It is because of free radicals that your skin looks dull and tired.

3. Add fat.Forget about nonfat diets.The lack of the latter leads to the fact that the skin becomes dry and irritated. pay attention tohealthy fats, they are unsaturated, which are contained, for example, in olive oil, fatty fish, almonds, etc.

4. Reduce caffeine intake.Caffeine is a diuretic substance. In other words, when consuming caffeinated beverages, your body does not have time to get moisture, it is rapidly excreted. Caffeine is found not only in coffee, but also in black and green tea. One or two cups of caffeine-containing drink is still valid, but more - only to the detriment of the skin.

5. Increase beta carotene intake.This vitamin is found inorange fruits and vegetables, protects the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight.

6. Increase the use of selenium.Mineral increases skin elasticity, protects it from the harmful effects of sunlight. Selenium contains: whole grains, eggs, garlic.

7. Vitamin Eimproves skin structure, reduces wrinkles. On the day you need 400mg. vitamin A.

8. Avoid alcohol.It causes dehydration and, as a result, dull complexion and dryness, swelling and swelling.Alcohol expands blood vessels and causes a rush of blood in the skin of the face, which is unacceptable if you are prone to such a disease as rosacea.

9. No extra calories.In the long run, excess calories cause weight gain and stretch marks on the skin.

10. Vitamin Cwidely used in various face care products. However, vitamin has a beneficial effect from the inside, protecting the skin from exposure to sunlight and free radicals. Most of all vitamin C: in citrus, berries, spinach and tomatoes.