How to eat with a sedentary lifestyle

The daily calorie requirement is calculated for people who lead an active lifestyle. For office workers and sedentary people, the diet should be adjusted. People of mental labor, consuming as many calories as people who are engaged in manual labor, risk to get overweight, which subsequently leads to obesity.

For the brain to work properly, office workers need glucose, which means that the diet should contain as many complex carbohydrates as possible. Cereal cereals, muesli, and dried fruits are best suited to replenish them. The perfect drink is tea with a teaspoon of honey. From fatty foods it is better to refuse or significantly limit its amount.

People engaged in mental work, usually reduced immunity. This is due to the fact that blood circulates through the vessels extremely slowly, there is no movement and fresh air.To strengthen the immune system must be present protein food. It can be lean meat, cottage cheese, fish or chicken, however, its amount should not exceed 100 g. If the protein rate is exceeded daily, in the intestine, due to low mobility, rotting processes can begin. Fat is better to choose vegetable, a great snack - this is a vegetable salad, dressed with a tablespoon of any vegetable oil.

Products that should be discarded are fast food, chips, crackers, etc. Such food, in addition to a huge amount of calories, contains flavorings and flavor enhancers. Do not abuse the regular tea parties with sweet baking, over time, this will lead to weight gain and chronic constipation.