How to evaluate a person?

The ability to recognize a person in a short period of time is most needed for recruitment experts. They use different skills to select a suitable candidate for a particular position, in accordance with the wishes of the head. But this skill can be quite useful in everyday life. After all, it often happens that you meet a person with whom you have to be a partner, or to cooperate mutually. The less time you spend on the assessment of a person, and the better you learn it, the less you will make mistakes in the future. Therefore, in this article we will try to explain to you how to evaluate a person in an hour.


First of all, we will give you some tips:

  • Many factors can testify about your interlocutor, let's say his facial expressions, posture, gestures, physical appearance, clothing, manner of conversation. To make a successful express portrait of a person, you must first pay attention to his basic behavioral structures.
  • Then evaluate the gestures, facial expressions and rate of speech of the interlocutor.All these components will show you the temperament of a person. From these data, you can determine the introvert or extrovert your interlocutor, he is prone to submission or domination. So, for example, a clear articulation is most inherent in pedants and conservatives, and the rapid pace of speech directly indicates impulsiveness and activity.
  • How to evaluate a person? Very simple! Listen to the conversation style of the interlocutor. Make an analysis of the vocabulary used by him and the features of expressions. These indicators can determine the professional affiliation and trace the social status. It is also possible to notice a negative or positive attitude towards the development of events. For example, a person who is prone to pessimism, an inactive person will say: “I am doing my job so that they cannot fire me.” A person set to achieve will say: “I am doing my job so that they can promote me later.” A person who is always ready for action will prefer the phrase in the conversation: “I will decide, I will achieve, I will do it”, but the passive one will answer: “I will try to decide, achieve, do”.
  • Also, quite a lot about the interlocutor can say his body and sign language, which is much more difficult to manage, rather than speech or facial expressions.Look at his hands, the relaxation of which testifies to self-confidence, as well as confidence in you. Fast and energetic gestures may indicate his high self-esteem. Well, the manner of covering a face or mouth with a hand is peculiar to one who is used to deceiving or hiding his thoughts.
  • The style of clothing will also be able to tell you about the character traits inherent in a person. A person whose mood is positive, he is active mentally and physically, he dresses in youth style. The classic style is inherent in the conservatives, who adhere to traditional views, and with great difficulty change them, even if they are out of fashion.

How to rate a person in an hour

These characteristics will also help you quickly and easily evaluate a person.

  • In case your interlocutor talks too quietly, or speaks monotonously, it means that he is not confident in his own abilities and in himself, which means that he simply forgot his speech. It is not known whether he will gain confidence with his eloquent phrases.
  • If the conversation is very vague, or its meaning is unimportant, the interlocutor wants you to suggest the idea yourself, without your responsible remarks, he cannot do something.
  • If the interlocutor continually raises his voice when it is possible not to do this, it means that this person is very sensitive. He may well not get along with people.
  • When the interlocutor uses slang in his vocabulary, he tries to translate the interview into an informal conversation. This is more characteristic of women subordinates and women leaders.

I hope our article has helped you understand how to appreciate a person, and now you will be more savvy in this difficult task.