How to fill out a tax deduction?

A tax deduction is the part of the income of the taxpayer that is not subject to personal income tax (income tax) for some reason. The reasons for these can be property, social and professional. In this article we will look at how to complete a tax deduction.

Preparation of documents for registration

The decision to grant a tax deduction is made by the tax authority. To do this, he needs to get answers to 3 questions:

  • the amount of income of an individual over the past period;
  • tax that has already been paid on this income;
  • grounds that give the right to deduct and the availability of documentary evidence of this.

These documents must be submitted to the tax authorities on certain dates.

Documents confirming the income are references form 2 - NDFL. Certificates must be provided by all tax agents of an individual. Tax agents of an individual are those who paid personal income tax from his earnings: employers with whom an employment contract was concluded and customers under contracts that are of a civil law nature, for example, an author's order agreement, a contract agreement.In order to get help you will need an application. It must be written in the name of the head of the organization. How to do it correctly, prompt in the personnel department.

It so happens that there is no tax agent. Income can be received from abroad or from any individual who cannot be a tax agent. In this case, the taxpayer must pay the tax through Sberbank itself. The declaration will need to attach a receipt, it confirms.

Documents that can confirm the basis for a tax deduction should be collected as they are received.

If money is spent on treatment, it is necessary to keep the contract and payment receipt. The medical institution must provide a copy of the license for the provision of medical services. The same must be done to confirm the cost of education. If the author's contract is concluded, it is necessary to keep this contract and the act of acceptance of the finished product. If the deduction will rely for the presence of a child, then you must make a copy of the birth certificate. For registration of deductions for real estate transactions will require a contract of sale.

After all the documents are collected, you need to fill out a tax deduction declaration form 3-NDFL. This can be done independently, on the basis of the collected documents, and you can contact the specialists. Tax advice is usually located close to the district tax inspection.

The next step is to complete the application with a request for a tax deduction. Its form can be arbitrary. The header must indicate:

  • the inspection to which it is addressed;
  • Full name of the individual;
  • his home address and postal code;
  • TIN
  • The application must be signed.

If the tax has already been overpaid, the application must indicate in what form it is desirable to receive a deduction: certificates for the employer or refund of the tax on the passbook. If necessary, you must specify the details of the Sberbank branch in which the book and account number are open.

After that, you must submit all prepared and collected documents to the tax authorities. There are two ways:

  • Take the documents in person. The tax deduction declaration must be made in 2 copies, two copies are made from each attached document.Collected, thus, 2 sets of documents are stitched with a stapler. They must be referred to the tax office and given to the duty officer. He must make a mark of acceptance on the second copy.
  • Documents can be sent by mail. For this one set is enough. You need to send it by registered letter with return receipt. Must be made inventory of investments.

After that, you must wait for the decision of the tax inspection.

Registration deduction in special cases

Consider how to fill out a tax deduction if 100% of the income from the transaction falls under it. In any case, it is necessary to declare income, and after that submit a tax deduction application. Otherwise, tax evasion may be followed by fines.

Tax deductions are relied upon only to personal income tax payers. Incomes that are subject to other taxes, such as a single tax, etc., are not deductible.

If the deduction amounts to more than the tax that was paid, then the entire tax must be refunded, but not a penny more.

Fill out the tax deduction form 3-NDFL also need to correctly.On the Internet there is information about this and are examples of how to fill in the declaration