How to find a client for insurance

Determine by what criteria you will choose "your" clients, depending on the typeof insurancethat you plan to do. Be sure to collect all the necessary information about the real state of insurance in your area.
Post service advertisementsof insurancein the media. Agree on their content with the insurance company whose interests you represent. Visit the, which provides services to novice insurance agents to find customers.
Order booklets, flyers, calendars (or create them yourself) to specialists in an advertising agency. Contact the delivery service to help you with the spread of advertising on organizations and residential buildings. Order business cards to adequately represent the interests of your company.
Contact family and friends with insurance offers. If one of them is interested in your offer and signs an insurance contract with you, be sure to ask to recommend it to other people close to you.
Try to find customers by the method of "cold calls". In other words, open the telephone directory and call all the phone numbers whose owners are of interest to you. Before this, be sure to prepare an approximate scenario of communication by phone. Your proposal should be brief, as informative as possible, unobtrusive.
Become an assistant with an experienced insurance agent who, by virtue of his employment, can no longer work with allby customers. If you are lucky, he will share with you data from his database on clients (of course, not the most promising).
If you are engaged in auto insurance, try to negotiate with the traffic police to provide them with operational information about persons who are not insured at the time of their inspection.