How to find firmware s5230

You will need
  • Samsung GT-S5230 phone, usb cable (included), Flash MultiLoader software.
The concept of firmware means the presence of specific software in the phone. This software is responsible for the entire multimedia side of your phone. With each new version of the firmware, new features and some improvements of the previous elements are added to the phone. It should be noted that when changing the firmware, the phone automatically loses the warranty, and in the event of a breakdown of the phone, all repairs will be paid by you.
The firmware version can be found in the following way: type the key combination "* # 1234 #" on the phone. The firmware version of your phone will appear on the screen. If you want to know the relevance of your firmware, then do a search on the Internet, find out a newer version of the firmware.
The firmware (software update) of the phone is carried out with the help of the specialized program “flash MultiLoader”. Try to look for a newer firmware version. This will remove the most unnecessary or outdated features of your phone.
After the operation of the firmware, you must specify the combination “* # 6984125 * #” - select the combination “Pre-configuration” on the phone and enter the password “* # 73561 * #”. From the list, select the country of residence. After that, the phone will automatically reboot. Your phone is ready to work with a new firmware version.