How to find out what my internet is?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
February 4, 2015
How to find out what my internet is?

Today, almost every one of us has access to the Internet - through a home computer or mobile device, while others provide access to the network from all the devices they use, while selecting the optimal provider. However, sometimes, when we, for example, enter a rented apartment, the landlord for some reason cannot tell which provider is serving the premises, and it is not clear how optimal are its conditions. In such a situation, there is a reasonable question - "How can I find out what my internet is?". However, the answer is not so difficult.

How to find out the provider?

In order to determine which provider serves the apartment, you can use the site. You need to access the site from a device that is connected to the Internet network of an unknown provider. This can be either a desktop computer or a mobile device. When you go to the site, you will see your IP (IP of the device from which you entered the site), and some other information next to it.There you will also find the line "Your provider".

How to find out the speed?

Internet speed and some other characteristics of the connection you can also find out using the site by selecting the appropriate category, in particular the following tests are available: "Internet connection speed", "File download time", "Average speed ...", etc.

After all the tests you are interested in, you can understand how optimal the provider is currently serving you, and change it if it does not suit you. Contact provider by name can easily be found on the network.

Another way to know the speed

If you just need to measure the speed of the Internet, and the provider is known, you can use the site easier, for example,. We especially recommend this site if the test is carried out for a mobile device - the site is very simple, which means it “weighs” a little and does not “eat” a lot of traffic.