How to find out where the package is?

Svetlana Noskova
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How to find out where the package is?

Whatever new ways of sending goods between cities and even countries appear, many citizens continue to use ordinary Russian mail. It is much cheaper than the services of shipping companies, and the procedure for transporting cargo is more than simple. But what if the cargo is delayed? Of course, you need to find out where your package is, at what stage its shipment. If you are not told in the post office how to find out where the parcel is located, then read the text below.

First you need to go to the site of the Russian Post. There are many services on the Internet that offer to track your cargo, but it is better to use the official site. So, you need a menu for cargo tracking, which is in a straight line.

Your goods can be found using a postal identifier that is unique and is assigned to the parcel at the post office. This identifier consists of 14 characters.Domestic shipments are determined only by numbers, and if the parcel is sent between countries, the code consists of numbers and letters.

The code is on the check, and you need to enter it in the box at the very bottom of the window that opened by the link above. In addition to the identifier, there you must enter the verification code to prove that you are not a robot.