How to format a hard disk through BIOS?

Formatting a hard disk through the BIOS is possible only with the help of a boot disk of your operating system. To need to restart the computer. During the loading of the operating system, we press the "Delete" button. Here we are in the "BIOS" section. System BIOS is designed to configure the health of the entire computer as a whole. We will look at how to format a hard disk through the BIOS.

Format the hard disk: BIOS menu

So, to start formatting your hard disk through the BIOS, you need to take the following steps:

  • Open the CD-ROM drive and insert the disk with the installation files of your operating system.
  • Reboot the computer.
  • When you see "Press Del to run setup" press the "Del" key.
  • You are in the BIOS section.
  • You need to select the "Boot" tab, where you can select your drive as the boot device. As a rule, the drive is displayed by the name of its model.
  • After the principle of loading is selected, you need to exit and save the changes.
  • If you did everything correctly, the download will start from the installation disk.
  • Select "System Restore using the R key."
  • Press the R key.
  • A message appears stating which copy of Windows needs to be restored.
  • If your computer has one operating system, then enter the number 1.
  • The following message will ask you for the admin password. If there is no password, just press enter. If there is a password, enter the password and press enter.
  • We see the invitation system.
  • Next you need to enter the command "format: c"
  • Press enter and enter "y", which means you agree to perform operations.

We will offer you another good way to format a hard disk through the BIOS, which does not involve such a large number of actions:

  • We need the program ERD comander.
  • Download it at this link:.
  • After downloading this program must be recorded on an empty disc.
  • Now on our disc bootable installation disk.
  • We put in the BIOS boot from the drive.
  • The section "Working with disks" will be loaded
  • Using this section, you can format the disk.

Formatting a hard disk: help from another computer

  • Disconnect your hard drive and connect to another personal computer.
  • After connecting, your hard disk will appear in the "My Computer" section.
  • You will need to right-click on it and select the disk formatting function.

Formatting a hard disk: installing new OS files

  • Put the installation disk of your OS (operating system) in the drive.
  • In BIOS, select the disk boot function.
  • Follow the instructions that appear next.
  • Attention. This method will lead to a complete upgrade of your operating program. Some files and programs that you actively used can be deleted.

What is BIOS

Of course, to understand how to format a hard disk through a BIOS, you need to know what a BIOS is.

The BIOS is the basic input and output system or the Basic Input / Output System. The BIOS is designed to check the hardware of the computer. The BIOS mainly consists of the firmware that runs the control systems of each of the devices installed on the computer. The BIOS has a built-in speaker that generates a signal when the device verification process fails. The signal appears in case of failure to display information about the error on the computer monitor. The BIOS not only checks the performance of computer systems, but also sets some minimum characteristics of their work.The bus frequency, for example, or some of the parameters of the central microprocessor. Thus, the BIOS - this is one of the most important systems, without which the computer can not do. The BIOS is a kind of working minimum with which you can diagnose and correct errors in the operation of the entire PC system.