How to get a job?

The question of how to get a job is asked not only by young specialists, but also by experienced workers who, for various reasons, want to change jobs. But for all the story begins with a search for a job. How to find a job, you can read. What next? And where to get a job?

Show your best

In order for such a desired place to become yours, it is necessary to show yourself from the best side, in other words, to brag about your talents. And for this, stop being afraid - fear binds us and does not allow us to open up. And which employer wants to have in his team a person who does not know how to use his talents.

Many of you will think now: “It’s easy to say, hard to do.” And, truth, from fear not to get rid, simply having waved away a hand. To do this, you should work hard on yourself. First, find out what scares you more. Formulate the question in such a way “I am afraid to show what a professional I am, how well I know my job, what a strong-willed and talented, responsible person I am, because I want to remain in my life with my fear and bagels in my pocket?”. Yes, yes, it sounds like this. Absurd and outrageous hurt.Therefore, tune in to success, praise yourself, only in dignity and without exaggeration, in front of the mirror, and forward - for the orders!

How to qualitatively "push yourself" in the resume

Take your resume with you. Make it right, consider all that will be useful for the selected position. The summary should be such that you, after reading it, want to take yourself to work. As long as you write it, once again convince yourself that you are the right person for your employer. Read more about how to get an interview.

If you constantly repeat yourself: I want to get a job, then sooner or later your message to the Universe will return to you in the form of various options where you can get a job. All our dreams materialize, and this has already been proven.

Agent 007 - playing spy

The summary is made, and now is the time to play intelligence. Before you go for an interview, study in detail the information about the selected company, its policy, read the latest news on the official website, read the requirements again. Employers like to ask questions such as: “And with which companies have we recently entered into an agreement, but what is new in our pricing policy?” And so on.So check candidates for dedication, serious intentions, professionalism. If you read all the latest news on their website, it means that you do not just go to all the interviews indiscriminately, but you want to be useful to this particular employer.

You won't find us on the way out, or how to anticipate possible issues.

Consider answering questions about your strengths and weaknesses. Consider that it is possible to overdo it, so praise yourself, confirming it with facts (I am very creative, in the past work I created such and such a program, I am very responsible, I was often trusted with important matters at the institute, etc.). About the shortcomings, it is better to remain silent modestly, replying that they exist, but there are not many of them. For example, I do not know how to work in program 2B, but I quickly learn. Or, I forget about the time when I work, and often miss lunch.

Answer any question clearly and confidently, be guided by the situation. If you are asked why you decide to change jobs, never speak ill of a previous employer. Better say that you have long dreamed of trying your hand at such a place and saw an ad.

Be sure to ask questions about your responsibilities, work schedule, career growth, and prospects. You, too, choose.

A smile will make everything brighter, or how it relates to failures.

Do not be discouraged if you are refused. You must understand that the place is one and there are many candidates. Think about where to get a job yet. Analyze why you did not fit, than the selected candidate has surpassed you. If you try and make work on the bugs, you will soon have an interview.

Well, if you really want to get it in this company, do not be afraid to persevere. Do not be scared of responsible positions, and if you do not know something, this is no reason not to try. After all, a purposeful, full of vital energy, the desire and ability to work a person is much more valuable than a self-confident, uncompromising, gonoristy specialist.