How to get GTA?

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How to get GTA?

A series of computer games Grand Theft Auto is known to many as simply GTA (hereinafter we will refer to it as the Russian version, GTA). Numerous series of games flooded the computers of many fans. By the way, today the most popular, GTA: San Andreas. It is about her today and we'll talk. Let's see how to pass the mission in the GTA, how much profit will be given by the fulfillment of a particular mission, with which characters you will meet.

How to get GTA San Andreas: missions

Before turning to the description of the missions, a brief introduction.

After completing each mission, you will be given some clues like: "go home to ..." (in the English version: "Go back to ... house").

Also, as a hint, all targets will be marked on the map with dots of different colors.

Prehistory You need to sit in the BMH and go to your house after the Rider. By the way, you have to break away from the attached gang of opponents.

Well, let's begin step by step to figure out how to get GTA, with a training mission.

Teaching mission: Rider

Get profit for it: + Respect. A yellow dot is marked on the map, and you are heading toward it, getting into the car at Ryder’s house.Go to the hairdresser and update your hair. On the street in the meantime you will have a conversation with the Rider. After that, have a snack at the pizzeria. Next will be a video clip. Inspect it and rush to the house of Ryder, which again will be marked on the map with a yellow dot.

Mission: Graffiti (1)

Profit here: $ 200 + Respect. Demonstrate yourself and your gang by drawing graffiti depicting your gang, i.e. OGF on graffiti of other gangs. Only 8 walls. Be prepared that competing gangs will not like it, so they will have to face their discontent.

Next, get in the car to Sweet (Sweet) and again - towards the yellow dot on the map. There are still 4 enemy walls left. Go to the red circle.

Last graffiti to be left on the roof. After that, Sweet will come for you and you will go all the way to the same yellow dot, this will be Sweet's house.

Mission: Showdown with dealers (2)

Add + Respect. Near the town of Ganton visit Bi-Dapa. He will be with one of the oldest members of the OGF gang - the Big Bear. Your task is to prepare your fists (and maybe something more serious) and find the best dealer, because Bi-Dap, probably having connections with other gangs, is not yet ready to connect with you. Next, go back home (on the map).

Mission: Observer (3)

Get $ 200 + Respect for it. It seems it's time to feed yourself and your team. Go to the Klakin Bell eatery. Here you will meet with the group Ballas. You must, not lagging behind, follow them. In the meantime, your team will shoot straight at a rival gang. The machine should explode, and you - make sure that all died.

Mission: Training in Arms (4)

For her: + Respect. Here you have something like pumping weapons. You shoot at the bottles, and in the end - at the gas tank of the car. Actually, the mission is completed.

Mission: Drove (5)

Get $ 500 + Respect. You need to be in Greenwood, where you should go kill Ballas. It is better not to leave the car, but immediately put pressure on her gang. Especially because soon you will have a sensor "Damage", so be careful. Yes, and the cops appear, they can only get rid of repainted. Then go home with the team.

Mission: Sweet Girl (6)

+ Respect. Come to the house of Sweet, but it is not. He will call you when you go out and tell you that he needs help in protecting his girlfriend from a certain gang. The indicator of the life of Sweet will appear, so do not hesitate and rush to the place (map).Crush the gang in stride, finish the rest as necessary. Drive up to the red marker. Here will appear Svis with his girlfriend, who must be taken home.

Mission: Capture territory (7)

+ Respect. Together with Svit buy weapons: shotgun, grenades, 9mm, SMG. Now, how to pass this mission in the GTA.

In Glen Park, grab territory for the OGF (you will have instructions). After the conquest of the territory, you can receive money for the seizure of the following territories

Mission: Verification (8)

Make a profit of $ 2000. Sweet will ask you to check a certain Caesar - the new guy Kendle (your sister). Next to Unity Station you will meet the Varrios Los Aztec Gang. Take part in a mini-game, place a bet on $ 1000.

Mission: High Stakes (9)

Get $ 1000. You are expected to race in a car with hydraulics. Tip - slow down when cornering, but try to finish first.

Mission: Home Invasion (10)

+ Respect. It is necessary to rob the house. Together with Ryder you go to the house of an old man - a fanatic of weapons. Your goal - to make three boxes of weapons. The time is only until dawn, but it is worth being careful not to make noise; the master's awakening will fill up the mission. Next, take everything to the garage. By the way, get into the Boxville car.

Mission: Catalyst (11)

+ Respect.We select ammunition Ballas. First, you lay the guards with your guys, and then you expect Ballas reinforcements. Only when put them, climb on the train, which will begin its movement, and begin to unload the boxes with weapons in the car Ryder for a limited time. By the way, after there will be 3 stars, which, alas, do not mean fame - this is a sign of police prosecution. Conclusion: repaint and follow home.

Mission: Robbery Uncle Sam (12)

+ Respect. In Ryder’s car head to Ocean Docks. Overcome the fence, remove the guard. Further, attention: first open the warehouse and remove the guard, and only then open the gate. Ship on the loader 6 boxes. And don't forget to follow Ryder’s life indicator. It remains to steal from two Hummers and stay alive.

Mission: Drove (13)

We watched only a part of how to get through the GTA. We continue.

For this mission, get + Respect. Jeff Martin was released from prison, you need to meet him and take him to Freddie. The runaway Fred will have to catch up on a motorcycle. After the kill. Mission passed.

Mission: Running the dog (14)

+ Respect. From Big Smoke, drive up to two Vagos members. To pass this mission in the GTA, you should quarrel, catch up and remove the fugitive.

Mission: Wrong side of the tracks (15)

+ Respect. With Smoke, drive up to the red mark, where there will be a train with 4 Vagos members. The train starts moving, and you - the pursuit. The goal, of course, is to remove all Vagos before the train arrives in Las Venturas. Be careful with oncoming trains.

Mission: Business Only (16)

+ Respect. Stock up on strength. Heading to downtown with Smoke. On the way the Russian Mafia, crush all, defending Big. Take all your armor! Go out and finish off the remaining Russians. Next - a long chase and shooting "tail".

Mission: Beach Life (17)

+ Respect. Go to the beach and chat with the DJ. The mini-game starts. We'll have to dance ... After, take the DJ to his studio.

Mission: Rhymes Madda Dogg (18)

+ Respect. We are looking for an audio cassette in the mansion Madd Dogg. With a single knife heading to the house. Silently, like a ninja, clean the road from the guards, which will be more and more. Get the cassette, give it to the customer, and home.

Mission: Managment out (19)

+ Respect. Here Madd Dogg guessed that your gang was guilty of the disappearance of the cassette, which means that one thing - you need to get rid of the problem. We are looking for a car with a red tag, remove the "friend". The machine must be intact, so if anything - repair it.Until 22:00 we park the car! The manager and his girlfriend will sit down in the train to you, and you will go to the awards ceremony. The manager must be drowned. Hurry up to jump out of the car.

Mission: Party (20)

+ Respect. Check weapons and armor. A gang of Ballas will come and try to make you a sieve. Your goal is to survive and kill the whole gang.

Mission: Burning Desire (21)

By the way, you will get nothing for it, but you will have to complete a mission to complete the game. Get a "molotov cocktail" (on the radar) and shower them home and trash all the runners. In the house the girl, run to talk to her, and grab the fire extinguisher (in the kitchen), now you have to extinguish everything. And yes, meet - Denis, your first girlfriend. Take her home.

Mission: Gray import (22)

+ Respect. Destroy the deal of the Russian Mafia and Ballas. It is necessary to crush all, as usual. Especially one Russian. Get ready, check your armor, weapons.

Mission: Family Reunion (23)

+ Respect. Weapons, armor - all checked. Go to retinue. The hotel begins the slaughter. Break into the hotel and run to the second floor, where (!) You need to "put" 2 special forces. Run to the open door, there are three more. By the way, if you suffer, you can heal a whore with a kiss.In general, we remove everyone, we release Sweet.

Mission: Green Saber (24)

+ Respect. Come to retinue. Then call from Kezar with unkind news: Rider and Big Smoke on the same side with Ballas and corrupt cops. Get in the car where Kezar will sit down to you. Go to the disassembly (map). Again we smash all of Ballas. The retinue will be sent to the prison hospital, you - in the Angel Pine.

That's it, the game is over. If something is not clear, see the video on how to get through the GTA on the Internet.