How to get married successfully?

Since childhood, all girls dream of a prince, a marriage proposal, a white dress and a wedding! Playing "daughters-mothers" they create an image of a happy family, where there is a mother, a father and a baby. In adult women, life is different, not everyone is just finding a mate or getting married with a partner.

How does a girl get married

Surely, you are a girl who has long understood their desires. You want to get married, not because it is necessary for relatives, not for a holiday with champagne and a white dress, not for wedding photos "in contact", and not because "as if it were already time ...". In this case, down with the theory, proceed to practical advice!

How to get married quickly

  1. Attention, this advice is directed not to theory, but to practice! Clearly state your desire to get married. Whatever situation you get in, always think about what you want to marry, do not swagger before your girlfriends, what is more important to you for your career, and you have time to marry, do not lie to relatives that you can still wait. All thoughts and phrases are material. Conflicting desires - the main obstacle to achieving the goal.
  2. The man is a hunter. He is interested in the prey that is harder to catch. Give a man the right to win you. Let him know that you are not married anymore, and you want to understand how many advantages are in freedom! Do not say this in words, show your actions: surround yourself with masculine attention, go for a walk with your girlfriends, enjoy life and never try to tie it to yourself. The only way to win you is to marry yourself.
  3. Take the initiative. As soon as you realize that you want to marry him, tell him openly that it is annoying you to live without official circumstances. No need to explain the reasons, and do not dismiss the nurses. It's cold to tell him that and stop him if he starts talking about himself, about the disadvantages of marriage. Tell me that you don't care, that you just state a fact and you will think (you, not him!).
  4. If you want to get married quickly, be weak and helpless next to a dream man. Demonstrate that you need his help, admire his actions, praise, say you do not know, as if you did without him.

How to get married successfully

If you want to get married, then meet with those men who are ready for marriage.Forget about your relationship with a married man, no matter how much you are in love with him. Forget about those who openly do not believe in marriage, considers the design of a relationship an unnecessary thing. Do you think you re-educate him? Ha, even if so, do not think that in marriage he will be consumed by the family.

To marry successfully, avoid the following types of men:

  • Singles in life. If a man is used to loneliness, besides, he is communicating with his relatives - this is not a family man. To break his usual life is the same as to fill him with hard work. And marriage is happiness, not hard labor.
  • Homely bore. He will make remarks at every step, he will find fault with every little thing, he really is. To live in peace with such a person, you will have to tightly control your emotions and have great patience for the rest of your life.
  • Indifferent to children, not planning to start their own. Such a potential husband is suitable only for those who are not set to motherhood. Do I need this - you decide solely.
  • Too narcissistic. He considers himself perfect and in marriage will demand that you match him, be perfect. Think about whether you pull it, and do you need it?

Use the advice of experienced brides and do not leave the desire to get married! Good luck!