How to get on the bridge?

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How to get on the bridge?

The exercise “gymnastic bridge” was probably performed by every student in our country. This exercise is basic and serves as the basis for performing acrobatic stunts. If you have not done this exercise for a long time or simply do not know how to get on the bridge, do not rush to experiment. Here not only flexibility is important, but also the correct sequence. Otherwise, you will not be able to demonstrate your skills, but “successfully” will harm your own body. And well, if all will cost only a slight stretch.

Exercises to warm up the muscles

How to learn to get up on the bridge without harm to your own health? This is the first thing that should be troubling. Good warm-up and consistency are important here. Your body muscles, you need to warm up and do some exercises. The first exercise is performed while lying on your stomach. In this case, the arms should be raised upwards, the knees should not bend and try to bend. Performing the exercise, you need to eliminate sudden movements and stay in this position for a minute.

The second exercise involves training the muscles of the legs.To do this, you need to kneel on your knees, lift your hands up and gently lean back, you need to touch the floor with your fingers.

The third exercise should be performed while lying on your stomach. At the level of the hips should be arms, legs should be bent at the knees, and the head should reach out to them. This is a good stretching for the spine, especially after sedentary work. After fixing the above exercises, you can try to get up on the bridge from a prone position. To do this, we lay down on our backs, put emphasis on our legs and arms, and begin to pull up to our shoulders, lifting our back from the floor. Standing confidently in this position, we begin to straighten the limbs. The bridge is ready! After that we also smoothly repeat the exercise in the opposite direction - slowly we lie down on the floor.

How to stand on the bridge from a standing position

Having well mastered the techniques and answering the question of how to get on the bridge from a prone position, you can move on, namely, master the techniques of the gymnastic bridge from a standing position. If you have a wall bars, just great. If absent, it is better for the exercise to find a wall with non-slip coating, for example, pasted over with wallpaper.

We make the bridge from a standing position.We put our legs shoulder-width apart, lift our arms up, while standing with our backs against the wall. For starters, it is better to ask someone to secure you. Ideally, this kind of exercise should be conducted by qualified trainers. From a standing position, we make a slope to the wall and, making sure that the legs do not slide, we gently lower down the wall. In the initial position at first, it is better to return in the opposite direction, that is, leaning on the wall. Now you know how to stand on the bridge standing.

A gymnastic bridge gives good results in stretching the spine, provided that the exercise is correct. This is a great gym and a way to warm up the muscles. Performing a gymnastic bridge, you can get rid of pain in the cervico-vertebral department, in the back, if you do not have medical contraindications to this. For a better idea of ​​what you need to achieve, you can watch the video - how to get on the bridge.