How to get pregnant with twins?

Scientists know almost everything about the conception process and what happens after it. But the question of how twins come into the world is still open. Factors of multiple pregnancies are not fully understood. And many women are so interested in how you can get pregnant with twins.

There are identical and fraternal pregnancy. In the first case, the fertilized egg is divided into two or more parts. In the second, during a fraternal pregnancy, two or more eggs are fertilized at once. Identical twins are born of the same sex, and it is extremely difficult to distinguish them from each other.

The probability of becoming pregnant with twins

Unfortunately, on order to get pregnant with twins any woman can not. A similar result is random, and experts still cannot say with accuracy whether you can conceive twins or not.

The probability of becoming pregnant with twins is different for different couples. There are certain factors that increase the chance of becoming parents of twins. Let us dwell on them in more detail.

  1. The pregnancy of twins is genetically determined, that is, it depends on hereditary factors, both in the male and the female line. If in the family your couple had cases of twins, then the chance of becoming pregnant with twins with your husband increases.
  2. After in vitro fertilization, the woman also increases the chance of becoming pregnant with twins. During the IVF procedure, several eggs are placed in the uterus of the woman so that at least one of them begins to develop. But it may happen that several eggs will survive, for example, two. The result is that you are pregnant with twins.
  3. Multiple pregnancy can develop as a result of the use of infertility drugs or as a result of stopping the use of oral contraceptives. The fact is that these drugs contribute to an increase in the production of follicle-stimulating hormone, which is the cause of the maturation of two or more eggs.
  4. The probability of becoming pregnant with twins will be greater with age. Hormonal disruptions occur more often with age, and they may go unnoticed by the woman herself. It turns out that a mature woman more often than a young woman, can increase the level of the hormone gonadotropin, which is responsible for the maturation of the egg, and this may lead to the birth of twins.
  5. To become pregnant with twins, a woman of the African people is more likely than an Asian. The influence of the race, oddly enough, also has a place to be.

I want to get pregnant with twins

We hurry to please modern women with a similar desire to give birth to twins. Nowadays, the probability of conceiving twins is much higher than 20-30 years ago. Firstly, this is due to the fact that modern women decide on pregnancy later, and as we have said, they have a higher chance because of the increase in a particular hormone. Secondly, those couples who have difficulties with fertilization, resort to the IVF procedure, in which several eggs are placed in the woman's body. Or they are treated with special drugs, undergoing a course of hormonal therapy, available in modern times.

As for the latest scientific research in this area, scientists argue that nutrition can even indirectly affect pregnancy with twins! Meat, animal livers and dairy products contain protein. In the body of a woman, it activates the production of female hormones and increases the sensitivity of the ovaries. You may have heard about insulin-like growth factor (IGF), this is this enzyme! It contributes to the survival of the embryo in early pregnancy.So, if twins were born in a woman's body, the chances of survival for both embryos increase. Want to get pregnant with twins - eat more dairy products and meat.