How to get revenge on the former: 12 proven ways

Weak sex in a rage is a tremendous destructive force. And if a woman seriously set out to take revenge on the former, it means that he really acted with her ugly. Lies, betrayal, humiliation, insidious betrayals - even recognized clever women and women are not insured from such “surprises” in relationships. But if we are looking for a way to avenge the former for his ugly behavior, our goal is not to lose face, stay clean before the law and not get a dangerous enemy.
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What does it smell like?

Suppose you are ugly abandoned, the offense is strong, and you want to hint to the former that his behavior, so to speak, smells foul. For a hint, you'll need a pair of raw eggs and some fresh fish, such as mackerel. Or shrimp.

Type the raw egg in the syringe and - go ahead! You can make several injections in the seats of his car, in the upholstered furniture of his apartment, in the upholstery of the door. A pair of shrimp or some raw fish can be spread to secluded corners of the home.For example, put on top of the eaves, which hang curtains. Very soon, your abuser will be searching for a) a source of a disgusting smell and b) wanting to buy such a stinky car.

"Ants in the pants"

Mean has changed? Did you a clear, unforgivable nastiness? O'key, collecting things and, leaving your once common home, linger at the box with his underwear. Panties, neatly sprinkled with red pepper, who you want to "cheer."

In the name of the law

A man capable of disgusting towards a woman is rarely decent in other areas of life. For example, violates the rules of parking. Great, take a picture and send it to the traffic police. And what have we done? Will not break!

Feed the birds

Have you always suspected that he loves his car more than you? Great, you have a good trump card. A handful of sunflower seeds or a mixture for feeding birds from zoomazagin, poured on the roof and hood of a car, and the villain is tortured to shout "shoo."

You can take a comfortable observation position and see how he views scratches from the claws on the polish.

A little better?

A mean, a liar, a rude one, and he also called you fat? Interesting,and to whom did all of his pants and shirts suddenly become hopelessly small? The ones that you, before disappearing from his life, were taken to the studio, where they were sewn together for a couple of sizes?

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Hello from "Madame Gritsatsuyeva"

He asserted himself at your expense, strove to humiliate, and sometimes even publicly? Pay him the same coin, put in a ridiculous light in front of colleagues.

Imagine: in the midst of the working day, when the office is full and the authorities are in place, your ex receives a package brought by a courier: a large portrait of a full woman, 60–70 years old, in a playful pose and transparent dress with an inscription like “My Bear with the hope of new hot nights! In the evening - a gift! "

Get it, sign it

While your abuser's colleagues are talking about the fact that he, it turns out, is an Alfonso on the content of an elderly erotomanka, add some heat.

Damning parcels at work is the widest field for fantasy. For example, in front of colleagues, your abuzer can be delivered by some depraved things from a sex shop or medicine for the treatment of impotence. If you manage to hire a loose and ready-made “courier”, he will turn the delivery into an unforgettable performance.You can even ask him to remove everything on video.

"Feast of the belly"

If you are sure that your ex-lover has dealt with you meanly and deserves punishment, allow yourself a little childishness. A bit of laxative powder added to a sportfeit jar or in an open pack of instant coffee will make you rub your hands. Some people find it very helpful to clean the slagged organism.

Call "friend"

Sometimes it happens that a man did a dirty trick to a woman and walks, chuckles. And then suddenly they call him at work and are asked to remind him that he, being registered in the drug dispensary, is obliged, by the way, to regularly go to check-in and take tests. And the classes in the circle of anonymous alcoholics for him, too, has not been canceled.

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Invisible Man

It is unpleasant if your ex, who has inflicted a mental wound on you, is your colleague or is studying with you in the same group.

The best way to make him feel the depth of his insignificance is to completely ignore. Behave as if such a person does not exist in nature. Neither greetings, nor views in his direction, nor, God forbid, reproaches or tears.He was waiting for the recognition of the importance of his person, and you deprived him of such pleasure.

Too many women

Did he cheat on you with your girlfriend behind your back? He threw you in tears and shock, while he himself is spinning a new novel? Bad people can annoy a little. Get a few phone SIM cards and fill insidious text messages of love and erotic content. His new girl will be safe to get a hint that she is a womanizer.


A dull relationship, after which he also demanded his poor gifts back - what could be more disgusting? One American woman made such a surprise to the greedy ex-boyfriend: she issued a daily transfer to his name in the bank with a notification for a period of 17 years. Every day the miser began to get a penny sum with a stinging postscript. You can also do this by attributing: "To poverty."

Is it necessary to take revenge?

Marina Vostrikova, psychologist:
Marina Vostrikova

When we face a difficult, stressful situation that drastically changes our lives, our reaction to it is divided into several phases: shock (the feeling that the world has collapsed), denial (we do not believe that this happens to us), depression (a whole range of feelings from aggression to Samoyed) and, finally, acceptance.At the stage of depression, many offended women have the idea: revenge! Let us ask ourselves the question: why do we want to revenge? People say: I want my offender to be as bad as me, so that he too would suffer. But this is an illusion: if someone cuts a finger nearby, our cut finger will not stop hurting because of this, right? People who took revenge, then say: I thought it would be easier, but it did not become easier. The woman still went through all the phases of the reaction to the spiritual wound inflicted on her. Any revenge, thinking about it, carrying it is focusing on the offender. And in order to survive the gap, you need to focus on yourself. And even convulsive pointing of beauty, losing weight and putting results on the social network is also efforts in the name of the former, and not in the name of oneself. Say, so let him see what he lost! The productive behavior in this case is an analysis of the situation. Think about why this happened to you. Why did you choose such a man? What kind of “bells” did you miss, what were his faults closing their eyes? What to do so that this does not happen again? Before you enter the war, think, and if you do not harm yourself.For example, one of my clients took revenge on a man who promised, but did not get married, and as a result lost her job - such a “boomerang” flew in from an object of revenge. In addition, your revenge is a sign of attention to your abuser. But how much honor to him? After all, you can do no harm, but only flatter the former, warm up his vanity: here I am what unforgettable, women fight for me! Instead of dwelling on an unworthy person, wasting time, nerves, money, stalking, humiliating, better concentrate on yourself. Accept the pain of parting, stay with her, experience her. The best revenge to an unworthy person is to pass the test with dignity, without dropping yourself, to develop and go forward, turning everything experienced into useful experience.