How to get rich on network sales

You will need
  • - small initial capital for down payment
  • - a lot of free time
  • - sociable cheerful character
  • - patience and perseverance
Many have heard about network marketing: someone tried himself in this business, someone had friends in this business. Some people confuse it with the financial pyramid and are very afraid of only one word. But you should understand the difference between network marketing and the financial pyramid, because the latter is illegal and, in principle, cannot exist for a long time. After all, its essence lies only in that - pay the money for the entrance, bring friends and get money for it, they will bring their own and you will also receive your% from this. At the core there is no product, it just happens the cash cycle, and in one moment everything collapses. The first comers can really earn, but in the end everything will end quickly.
Network marketing implies the existence of any products that need to be realized.This realization is carried out directly by people-distributors, but besides direct income you can earn income, also by bringing people, creating a network, and you also get% from their sales - the more people are under you, the less effort you need to make because in the end, all of your people will provide your income.
To earn in network sales, you must have certain traits: sociability, obsession, perseverance and patience. After all, during the work you will have to constantly communicate with people and sometimes listen to a lot of unflattering things about yourself and about your products.
If you still want to try yourself in this business, then you should carefully choose a network company, because Your income level depends a lot on the products being presented - how much it is interesting to the consumer, as well as its price-quality ratio, and on the company's marketing plan, i.e. how rewards are paid and for what.
When joining a network company, you will need to make a down payment, for which you receive a certain amount of products - you can choose it yourself, or the product package is the same for all new members - it depends on the conditions of a particular company.
If you simply sell your product through direct sales, i.e. offering it to everyone you know and strangers and getting a% of sales from this, this is no different from the usual work of the seller. The essence of network sales lies precisely in creating a network of distributors, which you will find and help them also find and train their people. The larger your network of people created, the higher your income will be.
In order to achieve a high level of so-called passive income, i.e. when you do not sell anything, but you get money regularly, you need a lot of time. You should not think that in a couple of months you will be able to relax at home and count the money received. In network marketing, you need to work hard and much, attend various trainings and seminars, help your people develop as well - only in this case you can earn really good money.
Be sure to find yourself a good mentor who has already achieved something in this company, he can give you good advice. If you are a loser, you should not follow him, because he obviously will not lead to big earnings.
Helpful advice
When choosing a network company, try to choose not only the one in which the most profitable marketing plan, but also the one in which you yourself like the products. Implement what you think is completely useless, much more difficult.