How to get rid of papillomas?

Viral infectious disease - papilloma (or papillomavirus infection) is becoming more common in our time. The reason for this is all the same stress, poor diet and weakened immunity. Add to this the fact of neglecting the rules of personal hygiene and a large number of contacts with people (who may be carriers of the virus) - and this is a complete picture of the favorable conditions for the development of the virus.

Skin papilloma is a benign tumor of the epithelium of the skin. It is a small diameter of 1-2 cm, dense or soft to the touch formation on the leg (thin long or short, less often on a broad base). The surface of the papilloma is uneven, granular, in appearance may resemble a cauliflower or cockscomb. It does not have a certain color, and the color can vary from white to dirty brown. Papillomas can manifest themselves at any age of a person and on any parts of the body. We, first of all, usually pay attention to papillomas in the most conspicuous places: on the face, hands and neck.

Often, finding education on the body, a person begins to independently solve the problem at home.Here are some ways to get rid of papillomas folk remedies.

Folk remedies are suitable for dealing with small growths. The most common remedy is the juice of celandine or dandelion, which is lubricated with papilloma until it disappears completely. When lubricating the juice of celandine, be careful - contact with the skin can cause burns.

Well helps castor oil and vitamin A - they also need to lubricate areas of the damaged body.

You can also use cabbage juice: a small piece of soft tissue or gauze needs to be moistened in the juice, attach it to the affected area of ​​the body and bandaged (preferably at night).

Garlic is also well-known for its antiviral and anti-infective properties: cut a clove of garlic in half and wipe the papillomas with it.

How to get rid of papillomas? The modern medicine offers its answer to this question. Today, there are several methods for removing papillomas, the most common of which is electrocoagulation. This is a procedure in which papilloma is removed using high frequency electric current. Under its influence, the temperature in the tissues rises, as a result of which the destruction of papilloma occurs.Despite its effectiveness, electrocoagulation also has disadvantages: the procedure is rather painful, and the wound itself heals for a long time.

Cryodestruction (removal with liquid nitrogen) is also quite popular now - a procedure in which papilloma tissue is exposed to low temperatures, which leads to its destruction.

The most "positive" in reviews is the removal of papillomas by a laser. The procedure is that the surgical laser, penetrating into the formation, seals the blood vessel that feeds the papilloma, as a result of which it dries off after 6-8 days. The procedure is painless, does not lead to complications, neighboring areas are not damaged, and most importantly, there are no traces or scars on the body. Therefore, if you are faced with the question "how to get rid of papillomas on the neck or face", the best way, of course, is the laser.

As we see, if you wish, you can get rid of papillomas with the help of a cosmetologist and at home. But still, if you suddenly had an unexpected formation of education on your body, do not rush to resort to folk remedies or cosmetic procedures.First of all, you need to contact a specialist. First, you need to make sure that it is a really benign tumor (and for this you need to go through several examinations). After all, today it is proved that under the guise of the papilloma virus, an oncological disease can be hidden - intraepidermal cancer. And secondly, once your immune system, having entered into battle with the virus, loses the fight, then it speaks, at least, of the general weakness of your body. And these are completely different methods of treatment and prescription.