How to get to know a person

Try to listen more, not talk. It will be good if you start a conversation on a topic that interests you and will wait until the other person joins the conversation. Unfortunately, most people prefer to talk. Therefore, your interest will help a person to relax and, perhaps, to become more frank. If you do not know your interlocutor very well, but are only trying to find a common language, do not ask very personal questions, be tactful.
Go to the man to visit. External habits and hobbies can be frivolous, because people often chase fashion or try to imitate their peers. But home decoration, especially if a person lives alone, can tell a lot about his character. Pay attention to the situation itself, and to various trifles. Note, perfect order or terrible mess does not characterizehumanwith a bad or good side. Remember, circumstances are different: a person could simply not have time to get out or brought cleanliness just before you came - so do not make hasty conclusions.
Spend more time with a person.In order to properly understand the character of a friend, you must rely not only on words, but also on actions. Watch how a person behaves in unusual situations, try to identify weak features and fears. Learn more about his enemies, find out why this or that conflict arose. This will give you the opportunity to understand how you can not behave with someone who interests you.
Chat with friends and relatives of your friend. Perhaps his attitude towards close people is completely different from what you feel about yourself. With the emergence of love or friendship, there is every chance of becoming truly close, and you should assess in advance what awaits you in future. Try to see what interests you.humanfrom different sides and be objective. Well, sincere attention and participation will likely bring you closer to each other.