How to get to Kolpino?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
December 25, 2014
How to get to Kolpino?

Kolpino, like the whole Kolpinsky district, gradually merges with St. Petersburg. This suburb can already be safely regarded as the labor zone of the northern capital of Russia, since here lies one of the largest industrial facilities in northwestern Russia - the Izhora plant. In addition, this small city is a major transportation hub through which the route passes, connecting the two capitals with each other.

You can get to Kolpino in different ways.

By train

Through the city of Kolpino pass not only automobile and bus routes, but also rail. True, long-distance trains here practically do not stop, only trains. If you need to get to Kolpino by train from Moscow, without stopping in St. Petersburg, then you should take the train, which has a stop at the Malaya Vishera station, where you will need to transfer to Kolpino.

From St. Petersburg runs a lot of trains, which are inexpensive.Also, choosing this type of transport, you will drive around all the traffic jams and find yourself on the spot faster than if you use the bus or your own car. When you need to come to Kolpino from St. Petersburg very quickly, then the only solution is the high-speed train “Lastochka”, which departs from the Moscow railway station and follows to Novgorod with a stop at Kolpino.

By bus

Kolpino is a small town that brings together sixteen international bus routes. Almost all of them associate Kolpino with St. Petersburg. From here buses leave from different parts of the city - the metro stations Zvezdnaya, Kupchino, Proletarskaya.

Personal vehicles

Through Kolpino runs the highway to Moscow. The Kolpino Highway is actually a continuation of St. Sophia Street. Therefore, if you want to independently get to the capital of Russia, you can choose this method.